problem: screen black

I have new chuwi Hi9 plus, I baught it one month ago, I ordered from Amazon. It runs Android.
I did not use it for a week, and now my tablet does not turn on.
I charged it with its original charger, but screen is still black, I can feel touchscreen respond in the pin-code area, but screen is black

Please your advice.
BR, Aliza

If you notice that the system turns on and that the touch is sensitive to pulsations in the unlock zone, it may be because the screen is at minimum brightness values or simply does not turn on. Could you illuminate the screen with a powerful light to see if the LCD presents the home screen? If so, try to unlock and raise the brightness level.
If you can’t get it, you can try pressing, with the tablet off, the start and volume buttons - to try to restore to factory settings.