Chuwi Hi9 Plus 2-in-1 Android 8.0 does not start

Hello … before throwing it away I wonder whether there is a magic trick to revive my Hi9 Plus tablet. It worked well for 3 weeks but suddenly refused to start up - the screen remains black. Pressing the power on button for a long time slightly enlightens the screen for a couple of seconds before becoming pure black again. That’s all life which is still in this tablet. Because I missed the 1-month complain deadline by 3 days support wants me to send it to Hongkong.

Please contact

I have the same problem. It worked well for 5 moths, but now following restart screen remained black, no logo, nothing after 15 sec pressing on button. What to do? I contacted aftersale… but there insn’t new idea.

Tengo el mismo problema durante 4 meses ha funcionado perfecta, y ahora de pronto ha dejado e encender, no carga, no funciona el teclado…necesito ayuda también

Hello, for aftersale service(repair, replacement, tech support), please contact, our service department will help you out with this issue. Sorry for the inconveniences caused.

такая же проблема,отказался запускаться - экран остается черным,без гарантии,греется чип на шлейфе экрана ,если охлаждать чип -экран запускается но искажает изображение