Hi9 Air doesn't boot

I’m having an issue with my tablet. I flashed the latest stock rom over MTP, but now the tablet doesn’t seem to start. If I press the power button alone, the screen flashes brieflty, as its trying to boot, but the tablet doesn’t show the Chuwi logo.

If I start it by pressing volume up + power, the screen powers and I can see the recovery, fastboot or normal options. I can move the cursor without issues between any of them, but as soon as I press vol down to select it, the screen goes dark and I’m not able to see anything more.

The tablet seems to work over MTP, as I’ve tried to reflash the firmware. All flashing process goes without issues, but I’m unable to make it work properly once it has been flashed.

Any idea or suggestion on what to check out?

Hello, please contact aftersale@chuwi.com, our service department will help you out with this issue. Sorry for the inconveniences caused.