Chuwi Hi10 air dead after charge for 3 hours

I have used 1 year with this tablet. Last week, I charged the tablet for 3 hours in the morning. Then, it cannot turn on, no red led when charging. Only white led blinking on the keyboard. Is this related to the Bios or battery. The link is how it behaviour when I press on button.

Have you tried to reset the bios?

  1. Leave the power button pressed for 30 seconds.
  2. When released, press it again 3 times in a row.
  3. Put the tablet to charge and check if it turns on

I didn’t try yet the reset bios. Currently, the battery drained out completely because I left it blinking a week already. Should I reset bios first or charge it?

Better charge it first.

I have charged it around 2 hours already. I have tried the reset bios, but still no red led when charging and no boot up all. Only white led blinking on the keyboard.

Perhaps you need to flash the bios or tablet has a power problems. Try to contact

I already send the email. Hopefully not much money to use to repair since I’m a student. I just use it for educational purposes.

Sure bro i really want to try android on my tab… upload the vanilla version one with working audio and camera…
And with if installation instructions thanks

thanks my issue has been fixed.

I need help. I used my my Chuwi HI10 Air since Dec 2019. When I connect my Chuwi HI10 Air to power adaptor through USB tester I see that output adaptor is shoted. Resistance USB C Chuwi HI10 Air between +5 V pin and GND pin is 0.