Should we consider a class action?

It seems that we are very and too many to have Chuwi branded tablets or PCs that do not work or no longer work after a very short period of use.
My Chuwi Hi 10 Air Type:CWI529 is exactly in this case. After running under Windows for about 2 weeks, it doesn’t boot anymore despite multiple attempts at remedies described on this forum such as re-flashing the bios.
In fact, it seems to be unrepairable although, like many users, I have very strictly applied, what was recommended here.
This could be due to a defective EMMC.
If you follow this forum regularly, you will discover that the after-sales service is inaccessible for a long time in Hong Kong, it is described as inefficient in Spain, non-existent in the USA…
In this context, will Chuwi escape a class action or will it take the right initiatives to help or compensate its customers?
This is why I am posting this message on the Chuwi forum, at the risk of being censored.
I still have a glimmer of hope!


The problem with a class action here is that Chuwi stuff is very cheap, so people would probably spend in lawyers and legal stuff more than what it is worth. I think the best option in this case is word of mouth.
My Chuwi at the moment works fine but, as I am well aware of the problems with EMMCs (and I have some random problems with it, too), I simply discourage relatives and friends to buy another Chuwi. If many people do the same and report their dissatisfaction here I think Chuwi will be forced to respond to her customers.

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I bought 3 chuwi lark box at the same time. 2 works ok the third never worked right at first it kept restarting. Now it is just dead. That all the first day.

I am personally sceptical about Chuwi products though my Android tablets from their early days were good. My Herobook Pro started having the ‘power on’ issue slightly past the 1 year mark. Being consumers, we support with our money. A company doesn’t last when its products are in a decline or below expectations.

Instead of Larkbox, I went for NVISEN and pretty happy with its performance so far as a mini desktop. For laptops, I am going for Maibenben which happens to be available on Lazada and has a service centre in my country.

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I am new to this forum I’ve been having problems with my CHUWI as well that I brought this year Bluetooth.

Good afternoon . I bought two (2) CHUWI Surface . After 2 mounths both are not functioning… system non starting…

The best is an action class. There are lawyers who don’t want to get paid, Chuwi will pay for their work and all of us. I’ve lost some important data due to the malfunction of the EMMC. I’m ready to move on.

I have been trying to get my aero book plus bios firmware off of chuwi support for oh say 6 months now and the only answer I get is that I should send it to Spain but thing is its already in a computer shop and ready to be re- flashed but with all my attemps to get the bios firmware or even just the bios firmware update they just seem to ignore all my emails and attemps to get the 1 thing I need to fix my computer without having to ship my computer half way around the world to Spain when I could have it done in minutes if I could just get my bios firmware

Chuwi knows but not ready to share the problem we are really damn frustrated Indian experts who repair all China cheap tablets in any condition also cannot repair it.
Yet, they keep on advertising new new models
I thinks these pieces are somewhere assembled crudely in DYI style and just marketed by Chuwi in their name

It’s pretty much you get what you pay for.
My Hi10Plus last barely 12 months before a motherboard failure resulting in dumping of the unit.
My replacement Hi10Air seems OK, but then this morning it would not power up at all even though fully charged. I finally managed to start it by pressing the volume up and power keys at the same time!
From reading the Chuwi forum comments I don’t think that Chuwi are interested in consumer feedback that might actually improve their products.
They are probably selling plenty of product and don’t care.

After reading all this, I am not very calm …
I have a GemiBook, nothing to say at the moment, it is going very well, but the problem is that as time goes by, according to the comments, the guarantee and support is almost non-existent. In addition, the components for replacement are non-existent, impossible to find a screen or a motherboard.
Chuwi is not a cheap brand either, paying almost 350 euros for a laptop or any other brand product, just to have it work for just a year, even less.
The only solution is in our hands, to send emails, or a collective complaint, to Chuwi. If we are united and we stand firm against them they will make decisions, providing more support for their products. At the moment everything seems like a joke …
As an additional measure, they can be reported to consumer protection, an international organization, etc.
All the best.

I bought a Larkbox pro from an overseas seller in shopee and thought i had a great deal. Only to find out that people have been having trouble with the device. HDMI failing, bios issues, overheating, OS installation issue. I felt lucky the seller gave the me Pro version… However, just past 4 months after i bought it, im getting stuck at bios. The device would shutdown by itself. The screen would blink…tried to reinstall windows, 1909, and tried the new one, 20h2. But didn’t manage to fix it… Just found out that the reason the issues occur was because of the device overheating. So i turned off the turbo boost feature that lower the cpu from 2.7GHz to just 2Ghz.

Yes, we should, just to punish their lack of support and their stupid “computers”.

Herobook here, presently used as paper-weight, after 3 or 4 working hours.

YES, I did write to “support”. Pffff!

In my case everything or almost everything seems to work, however the after sales support is non-existent.
Either they don’t answer, or they pretend not to understand.
UEFI seems to block the execution of UBUNTU, but no one proposes a solution.Only “bullshit” related to contractual rules or shipping costs or possible return of the pc to the company! (so not only I’m not sure I’ll get it back, but given the efficiency of the service, I have to buy another one to keep working).
I wanted to trust them, but it is misplaced. Bad company!