Never buy CHUWI, Company ignores warranty obligations

One and half year ago I bought a tablet PC(HI 10 Go).
It has a defect: random reboots after 5 mins of usage.
I sent it to support in Hong Kong.
More than one year has passed.
No return. No charge back. No new tablet. No even old one.

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This is the kind of industry where you get what you pay for.
Cheaper products have poor quality and poor after sales service.

In that case company shouldn’t put this to their product. And don’t ask customer to send it for rapair.

It’s a kind of a deal they broke.

If Chuwi as a legal entity exists in your country, i.e. they have a registered office in your country, your region specific Laws might enable you to file a claim for mental agony under suitable consumer protection rules if prevalent in your country specific legal system

Last year I’ve changed 3 countries of presence, so it’s not my case. So only public resources can help me to reach out to someone in CHUWI, or at least prevent other people from buying low-quaity product without quarantee

Chuwi I suppose is on facebook, twitter, tiktok & insta
Raise your concern thru those forums as well.
I personally do not use any Chuwi products.

Even before buying the product I realized that they have poor pre-sales support. So I decided to stay away from this brand.

Please use your payment card to REFUND your cash - this is the best GUARANTEE

Never buy Chuwi products directly from them, the best thing would be to buy via Amazon so that if something goes wrong you can ask for Amazon’s support: they will give you options as an immediate replacement or a full refund.

I suppose generally amazon offers only first few days or refund or replacement policy. At least in my country.
thereafter you have to contact chuwi support only

I bought minbook-x year ago, and it had screen defect (white with stripes from time to time). Send it to service in Spain (I live in EU), got back after few weeks as fixed. After few days, the laptop started to rattle. I pilled off guarantee stickers (loosing my guarantee - I don’t care anymore in such shape), took off the back and… I found a loose screw which was rattling. It was from the screen hinge. The second one was even missing - see picture:

So yes, the service quality is terrible.

BTW, I would pay some extra money to have real support, service and no issues with drivers (wrote about it in another post). I knew what I was paying for as I need inexpensive hardware for commuting, travels etc. and it really plays well, I almost love it if I don’t think about service. But this almost fake support gives bad impression at the end of the day :frowning:

Basically I have observed that IT hardware service people do not do their job with due diligence and care. This is across service centers and vendors. Not just Chuwi.
When I gave my Asus laptop for servicing the guy misplaced and lost the thin insulator film which is present on the mobo that prevents chassis from ever touching the mobo.

In another case MSI wrongly concluded that mobo is faulty whereas it was my CPU.
Poor commitment and lack of customer centricity is at the root of this poor service experience across vendors.

Had almost the same type of problem with a Hipad 10. Minor issue with the screen. They’ve had it for almost a year with no response to emails. I view this as theft.

@OrangeDog send me your email by message. I will check all the history. I cannot find you.
@mprime Im taking your case, and ask what can we do, i found your emails.

I am deeply sorry for this, we changed the repair maintenance from Spain to Germany due to some issues, so this last year have been a little difficult for us.

(María, speaking here, I deleted the pictures,and modified the post because there was too personal info, do not worry now i have your mail., i can check everything now . Im passing this to my Boss.

@ChuwiSpainSupport Thank you for jumping in on this, Maria. I was initially told this repair could take two months, but that was a year ago. Since this tablet was only 2 months old, I thought it was reasonable to ask for a replacement or a refund if it could not be repaired immediately (after waiting). I haven’t received a response to that, or any other contact for some time. Please feel free to contact me via the email I used to file the claim.

Thank you Maria. Will be waiting for response.

Im still trying to negotiate with the after sales department for the solution. Because i have 4 of you in the same situation. I am sure something happened, because we normally dont take that much time maybe 1 or 2 months.Lets see.

I didn’t expect any good result from this, but it happened. I finally’ve got my tablet PC back(or replacement for it). Thank you @ChuwiSpainSupport for your effort.