HI10 XR touchscreen not accurate

So I’ve just bought HI10 XR yesterday, and accidentally update firmware for H6 pen from here http://chuwi.mediafire.com/file/s293h143a6camg7/Phoenix-hid-update-G109D_20200324.zip/file
And suddenly my touchscreen were not accurate

Seller where I bought the tablet told me to reinstall windows from this source http://chuwi.mediafire.com/file/c93rfihlkpsisk5/ZW-JX-10-S101GWR100-GA86C-009-B.rar/file
But no change, my touchscreen still not accurate
Then i wondering, to think how easy to upgrade these firmware (and config), is there a way to rollback the firmware?

After experimenting a bit, think I figured out the troubles were in ‘ConfigUpdate.cfg’
When I use GC101-0814-G109D_GT7382H_0A.00.01_20200324_V144.cfg file,

where the black section is touchables
Then when I use GT7385P_Config_20191118_181954-YWHF12301.cfg file, this happen
The x and y axis were inverted. When i touch red dot with black number, it responses to red dot with white number. Its happen with black dot too.
So i think there’s chance for right config file out there. The question is, do Chuwi have it? please help

I have exactly the same problem :frowning: Hi10XR serial Q128G20106743

then i’ll suggest you to contact your merchant / supplier (the aftersales mail told me to do that too), and asking for repair.
in my case, merchant told me they changing the lcd panels (fortunately it is still in guaranteed period, so its free)

Same problem for me. I think the solution is installing Goodix GT7385 firmware and config, but its impossible to find it…