HI10 XR touchscreen not accurate

So I’ve just bought HI10 XR yesterday, and accidentally update firmware for H6 pen from here http://chuwi.mediafire.com/file/s293h143a6camg7/Phoenix-hid-update-G109D_20200324.zip/file
And suddenly my touchscreen were not accurate

Seller where I bought the tablet told me to reinstall windows from this source http://chuwi.mediafire.com/file/c93rfihlkpsisk5/ZW-JX-10-S101GWR100-GA86C-009-B.rar/file
But no change, my touchscreen still not accurate
Then i wondering, to think how easy to upgrade these firmware (and config), is there a way to rollback the firmware?

After experimenting a bit, think I figured out the troubles were in ‘ConfigUpdate.cfg’
When I use GC101-0814-G109D_GT7382H_0A.00.01_20200324_V144.cfg file,

where the black section is touchables
Then when I use GT7385P_Config_20191118_181954-YWHF12301.cfg file, this happen
The x and y axis were inverted. When i touch red dot with black number, it responses to red dot with white number. Its happen with black dot too.
So i think there’s chance for right config file out there. The question is, do Chuwi have it? please help