[Hi10] [Official Version] [Singleboot] Chuwi Hi10 windows + BIOS + drivers download

[Singleboot] Chuwi Hi10 Windows + BIOS + Drivers download:

Chuwi Hi10 Windows10 system 32bit

Chuwi Hi10 Windows 10 for Serial number HI10 42151100001 – Hi10 42151101028 - Hi10 42151103000

The Windows file is too large, so it is divided into 7 parts. you can download all of them and Decompression them at one time
Chuwi Hi10 Windows 10 system for Serial number HI10 42151103001-4215120XXXX
http://www.mediafire.com/file/s0 … 0%2B_USB2.part1.rar
http://www.mediafire.com/file/na … 0%2B_USB2.part2.rar

http://www.mediafire.com/file/qa … 0%2B_USB2.part3.rar

http://www.mediafire.com/file/bq … it_3000%2B_USB1.rar

Chuwi Hi10 Windows10 system X64 for serial number Hi10 421602000001-421604XXXX

http://www.mediafire.com/file/s0 … 0%2B_USB2.part1.rar
http://www.mediafire.com/file/na … 0%2B_USB2.part2.rar

http://www.mediafire.com/file/qa … 0%2B_USB2.part3.rar

http://www.mediafire.com/file/bq … it_3000%2B_USB1.rar

Chuwi Hi10(x64) Drivers
http://www.mediafire.com/file/4v … _X64_All_Driver.rar

Chuwi Hi10 Driver 32bit (X86):
http://www.mediafire.com/file/p5 … _X86_All_Driver.rar

Chuwi Hi10 64 BIOS Serial Number 5000+ (to solve splash screens issue)
https://mega.nz/#!U8w0DKDK!uh5pw … srGHHPCXp7kjxK0h9Sk

Chuwi HI10 64 BIOS serial number 3000-5000
https://chuwiinnovationtechnolog … k18w8ot59g6ap91ss1r

Chuwi HI10 64 BIOS serial number 1029-3000
https://chuwiinnovationtechnolog … gjsldnvmygl36b6841r

Chuwi HI10 BIOS serial number 0001-1028
https://chuwiinnovationtechnolog … o11ca5jc5ypb2onxxnw

Chuwi Hi10 BIOS 32bit
https://chuwiinnovationtechnolog … 5y7hirw0cg49shoiobn

Chuwi Hi10 BIOS for Serial Number 4216020001-421604XXXX
https://mega.nz/#!B4pCiapS!d5F14 … yFtbGvSgtnMy55HFUio

hi, you can upload the tutorial page again.

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The method is the same as detailed in this one, but with the files of this thread

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Ive had my chuwi hi10 singleboot cw1505 since 2016. I updated through Microsoft and then trouble started. After the update audio was gone. I restarted (factory reset) and then touch function and Wi-Fi also were gone.

I’m trying to reinstall drivers but there no step by step tutorial at all over all the internet. Please help me out

sure there is not ?. You have it closer than you think.

point 8

m at odds right now and quite frankly frustrated because I can’t figure out how to repair a drive on my tablet that I accidentally uninstalled.

Ive the factory reset and just recent did the creation tool thing under the Microsoft website. But for some reason or another the touchscreen function, the internal Wi-Fi router and the audio are still not working.

These three drivers are uninstalled which I uninstalled the Wi-Fi driver by accident but then when I factory reset directly afterwards when I tried getting it back (waybackwhen), the reset actually got rid of my audio driver and my touchscreen driver too.

Have any ideas??? PLEASE?!?

Hi I own the Hi10 tablet s / n Hi10 Q64G4215202264 I can’t update the bios in any way, I tried all the versions posted here. I can’t solve the stanby problem and I was hoping to update the bios but I can’t. Can anyone tell me how to do thanks.

There is only one correct bios for your tablet that is the one that coincides with the date of your serial number or the previous one, all the others will not solve any problem since the bios, as I have written countless times, are only for different versions of the same tablet model. You must return to the initial Bios and explain your problem to find a software solution

I thank you for the answer the problem of my tablet and that when it shuts down or restarts it does not turn on again and I have to wait for the battery to drain to try to turn on boot the system and put it into charge immediately. I thought that having never updated the bios the solution could be a bios update. Can you still tell me what is the correct version of bios for my tablet? or if there is a software solution to my problem. Thanks.


I have some microSD reader problem. It doesn’t read anything. And in the device manager its hows with a little yellow exclamation mark: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AsX-C2jc5kCnpKVxj8OucBsyS4Yu9A (I have no idea what’s the second reader in that list)
After searching on the internet, I found out that my be I should FLASH my BIOS. My current bios version is: 2.17.1249. And my serial is: 42151200103.
Do I need to refresh my BIOS?
Do you think it will solve the microSD cardreader issue?
Where can I found the laetest BIOS for my Chuwi?

Many thanks in advance!

Hola, podrian subir nuevamente el turorial? el link esta caido, tengo una chuwi hi 10 pro dual bot CWI529 S/N: HQ64G42170107821
Quiero formatearla y dejar solo windows.

Dear Management,

Could you update the links?
These files are not existed anymore. (some of them)

Thank you!

gostaria desaber a password para descompactar um ficheiro rar alguem ajuda




The link to hi10 bios 1029-3000 is broken. Where can i find it?

Wie dekomprimieren? habe alle möglichen Arten versucht, die dateien bleiben komprimiert

Ich finde das alles gut, aber für mein CHUWI Hi10 Q64 G42180200750 gibt es anscheinend nichts für mein Touchscreen, habe alle möglichen Dateien heruntergeladen und entpackt und versucht zu installieren, einige Treiber funktionierten andere nicht wie zum Bsp. eben dieser Touchscreentreiber. Hat denn Niemand eine Idee wie man das Regeln kann?


Link to Chuwi HI10 64 BIOS serial number 1029-3000 does not work, please fix the link