I need Windows for Chuwi hi 10 single boot

Hi, I need Windows for Chuwi Hi10 and I have done with these files on [Hi10] [Official Version] [Singleboot] Chuwi Hi10 windows + BIOS + drivers download, but the files are broken.

Plz send me the correct link.

Serial: Q64G42151104162


The part of this link that you can use.

Would you leave the link of the page?

Actually,just this one :upside_down_face:

My serial number is 42151104162, but you recommend the file “Chuwi Hi10 Windows 10 for Serial number HI10 42151100001 – Hi10 42151101028 - Hi10 42151103000”. Are you sure the file working on my device? My serial number looks like in this, Chuwi Hi10 Windows 10 system for Serial number HI10 42151103001-4215120XXXX. Plz check it out.

Yes,you can use it.Please be assured that