CWI515 WiFi driver broken


I have a Chuwi Hi10 CWI515,
Serial: Q64G42151102XXX
BIOS: C106_B101UAN.608 x64

I had problems installing WiFi for:

  • Broadcom 802.11n Wireless SDIO Adapter
    vid_02d0&pid_a9a6 (error: cannot start)

  • bcmfn2
    Same ID, (error: waiting for previous device)

I have tried your drivers offered at

Didnt work (despite the hint to copy 43430r0nvram.TXT). Internet wisdom advised to remove the .txt extension - also didnt work. On a previous fresh install I had also tried numerous drivers from Windows Update catalog but that didnt help either (and I did remove any drivers, always).

How do I fix the WLAN?

PS: I must add that it actually never worked (I got it from a friend in that condition) and so far I used it with a WLAN USB stick. However, I want to resolve that problem but how???

Hello @Management I am still in need a working driver for WLAN…

Has this device dropped out of your support? If so, then please say so…

If anybody else has an up-to-date windows and working WLAN, please just drop a line here :slight_smile: