[FIX] Drivers and Windows image for Hi8 CWI513


Is it possible to get a download link to windows+drivers image for a Hi8 CWI513?

Hi8 PQ32G22151104740

Thanks =)


Where can I find the bios update to install Windows 64bits?

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On the CWI513 Hi8 PQ32G22151104740 Tablet, there is already the 64 Bit BIOS, you could install Windows 10 64 bit, but it would be very slow: The Tablet has only 2GB of Ram.
To be efficient Windows 10 needs 4GB of Ram. (Ram is not upgradeable)
So, it can be Reinstalled, only, Windows 10 32Bit.
As per label: PQ32G22151104740.
If you still need software and Drivers for Chuwi Hi8 , you can find it at: blog.geekbuying.com CHUWI HI8 PRO DUAL OS WINDOWS 10 + ANDROID 5.1 NEW FIRMWARE_204074 Download ROM: Part 1, Part 2.
(Password Unpack: geekbuying.com)
Link Direct: Chuwi Hi8 Pro Dual OS Windows 10 + Android 5.1 New Firmware_204074 (geekbuying.com)
This ROM can be installed as it is “DUAL OS WINDOWS 10 + ANDROID 5.1”
Or “SINGLE OS WINDOWS 10”, modifying the File “Main.cmd”
Or “ONLY OEM WINDOWS DRIVERS”, to allow you to Reinstall Windows 10
(Latest Version: 22H2-19045.2965), from Scratch.
Greetings Sabino

Thanks a lot Sabino!
I reinstalled Win10 with the link you provided and it’s all good. :slightly_smiling_face:

After a Windows update, WIFI is not working. Do you know where I can download a good driver for this tablet model?

Hi8 PQ32G22151104740

The Wi-Fi Drivers are already installed in the Tablet and in the ROM. You don’t need to download them.
It is normal that the Windows 10 update, after 7 years, overwrites the original Wi-Fi Drivers. (to avoid this problem, updates must be done gradually)
Follow the following path:
1-Turn Wi-Fi off and on again

Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi > Show available networks > Select your Wi-Fi.
2-Reset the originals, follow the following path:
Windows Update
Check for updates
View Optional Updates (Blue Color)
Driver Updates ( )
Select “Broadcom 802.11n Wireless SDIO Adapter”, e.g.
Download and install
View Update History
Driver Updates ( )
“Broadcom 802.11n Wireless SDIO Adapter”
If you fail, you need to:
Connect a Wi-Fi stick via HUB and proceed to update WINDOWS up to the latest version. Then go back to step 2.
N.B.: To extract all the OEM Drivers from the ROM, the following program must be used:
Greetings Sabino1943