[Hi13] [Official Version] Chuwi Hi13 Windows, Driver, Bios Download

[Official Version] Chuwi Hi13 Windows, Driver, Bios Download

Chuwi Hi13 Windows Download:

Chuwi Hi13 Bios Download:
http://www.mediafire.com/file/uq … V114_X64_BIOSEC.rar

Hi13 Bios Download: (For Q64G45170700001-Hi13 Q64G45170702000)

(M1W6_AP135_A.064 x64)

Windows: ( For serial number before 17070001, 17070001 not included)


Windows: (For serial number after 17070001, 17070001 included)


Chuwi Hi13 driver:


Chuwi Hi13 Windows tutorial:

Chuwi Hi13 Bios tutorial:

It’s time to contact service@chuwi.com

I wanted to add the Goodix Driver that Chuwi send me to fix my touch screen mirroing issue

This is the tutorial sent by Chuwi. What I did was:

  1. Remove any Goodix Driver, install this one:

  2. Reding the tutorial Chuwi sent me

  3. Download the Goodix Driver Chuwi send me with their procedure:

Enjoy your now fixed screen!


Thank you for your sharing.:heart:

why can’t download? Windows: (For serial number after 17070001, 17070001 included)

где можно скачать Windows: (For serial number after 17070001, 17070001 included)

please, i need bios for chuwi hi13 q64g45171101XXX

Please contact service@chuwi.com

i just wonder, is my computer compatible with this bios?

i contacted. they sent to me a new windows but i tried before it.
anyway, i flashed I2W6_AP135.037&EC_219 bios to my device. after that started my touchscreen problem. please confirm thar bios is compatible for my device or send to me a competible bios.

I have CHUWI Hi13 S/N: Q64G45170901397.
BIOS I2W6_AP135.037 & EC_219 is not available for download.
Is this BIOS M1W6_AP135_A.064 x64 suitable for my tablet?

Please send me your email address,I will tell relevant departments to continue communicating with you

Hello friend , contact service@chuwi.com please.

if i flash wrong bios, is there any bios recovery procedure?

If you’re using the wrong BIOS, it’s best to contact service@chuwi.com quickly.

i didnt flash wrong bios currently. but i want to try other version. if fail i just want to know bios recovery prosedure.

thank you for your help in destroying my device to service@chuwi.com. i asked to chuwi service for a bios compatible with my device. they sent M1W6_AP135_A.064 x64. i trusted to the service, why sent to me a wrong bios, isnt it? when i flash the bios, chuwi service sent, my device did not open. it is a brick now.

is there any bios recovery procedure? i have some electronical skill too.

Please tell me your email address.Let me see what’s going on?

My email address is mbunal@gmail.com

thank you very much for nothing…