Automatic screen rotation issue on Linux on Hi10 X

Just as described here, I’ve also been able install Fedora 31 (Gnome on Wayland) and have most stuff working. However, screen rotation is still an issue.

Based on the drivers provided by CHUWI, the Hi10 X appears to be using an Memsic sensor for the accelerometer sensor, with the name MXC6655XC.

Unfortunately, this sensor doesn’t seem to be supported by the Linux kernel as of yet. Does anyone know whether a driver exists for the sensor?

Are you using iio-sensor-proxy package for rotation detection?

Can you get any reading from this when rotating?

Follow this git and share the information with them. Maybe they will add this chip model to their package.

Hope this will help you with getting the rotation to work.

Yup, I was using the iio-sensor-proxy package.

I did submit an issue with the iio-sensor-proxy package and the reply I received was that drivers are not handled in the iio-sensor-proxy but with the kernel.

Do you know where I could submit a request for driver support for Linux kernel?

You need to find someone who is handling drivers for this device.
Usually manufacturer of the chip provides linux and Windows drivers. But in some chips they only provide Microsoft drivers and kernel devs have to write its drivers from scratch.

I will share someone who was maintaining linux drivers for chinese brands once I am on my laptop tomorrow.

Thank you. It would be greatly appreciated.


This is the git but looks like there is only touchscreen drivers. You can ask the maintainer if he was able to get the sensors to work for your model.


Thanks for the lead, I hope I can get somewhere.

Hi @flahlesslySpam , i want to buy a Hi10 X and the touch screen and stylus support is a big deal for me. I have been reading that some people have problems with booting into linux because maybe the efi is 32 bit. Any info / recommendations?
I would like to run Manjaro Gnome but any distro as this point is cool for me.

Sorry for the late reply.

I have heard of people having problems but I personally have had no issues with booting into Linux. This could be because I’ve had previous experiences with installing Linux onto laptop before.

I’ve been able to install Fedora, Opensuse TumbleWeed, and Arch. Gnome (both Wayland and X11) worked fine on Fedora and so my Arch installation turned out fine as well so I’m going to assume Manjaro Gnome will work fine as well.

Touch screen does work but don’t expect it work like your smartphone because touch gestures aren’t quite there yet. I think of using the touch screen as using a mouse, except the mouse only has the left click button which can only click and not down. The package touchegg makes the experience a bit better though.

I have no idea about the stylus because I didn’t purchase it.

Feel free to ask more questions and I’ll gladly respond.