Anybody tried installing latest Linux releases?

anybody tried successfully install latest Linux distros (Manjaro, Ubuntu, Kubuntu etc)?
does the touchscreen and rotation work out of the box?

Touch should work but not sure how well it will work.

Rotate might not work depending on whe desktop environment used.
Its hard to verify as I don’t see much of official support from chuwi.

Hope they send device to some developers to get good support in linux.

Thanks for asking about linux as we need more users to request chuwi foe linux supported devices.

i installed ubuntu 20.04.everything works out of the box (for eg front and back camera) except for the screen rotation.

yeah, if someone could figure out how to get auto-rotation working in linux and android that would be great. unfortunately i’m too stupid when it comes to that stuff.

I’ve been using Linux for more than 20 years, and the only reason I’m using Windows 10 on Hi10X is WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux). Such a sad story.

I installed Linux Mint 20, touch screen works great but screen rotation does not…
you can rotate the screen in the display settings (clockwise) but when you do the touch points stay with the previous rotation so everything is off and unusable (IE: the touch screen still thinks that it is operating in portrait mode), that said, if you plug in a mouse everything is fine.
I also suggest scaling up to 150% to make the icons bigger, this setting can also be found in the display settings

Also installed Ubuntu and Kbuntu 20.04 here no issues apart from touch / rotate… The touch works initially but the screen is set to portrait as that is the default. If you force rotate it in settings it is not smart enough to also rotate the touch…

I managed to get touch working in landscape with the method described in link below but it is a bit hacky and haven’t spent the time to automate it yet…

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