How to install linux properly in chuwi minibook?

Hi, can someone share the proper installation instruction of linux in minibook? full installation not dual boot with win10

Which Chuwi minibook you’re talking about? Is it shipped with Intel or MediaTek processor?

Here I describe step-by-step a Linux installation using all memory available for it. No Windows 10 dual boot.

im referring to the minibook with intel m3-8100y processor. can you tell me which ubuntu mate should i get ? based from the website it has different versions already. i was surprised they have versions specifically for the gpd pocket pcs

ubuntu mate download

and also, is the touch screen, auto rotate tablet mode working in the ubuntu mate?

For auto Rotate you might need packages which are not installed by default. Touch Screen should work out of the box. I have more experience in Manjaro Linux where you can try Wayfire Edition and add sensor detection app to make auto rotate work.
This needs some basic linux skill and time for testing. So don’t get your hope high :wink:

Link to Thread & Download

Link to autorotate package and command

You may try Manjaro Wayfire Edition and enable autorotate and see if that works on a liveUSB without the need on installing it on the Device.

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