Linux distro on minibook x?

Has anyone tried to run Linux on minibook X?

It would be great to have this run a lightweight distro, just having the keyboard, trackpad and wifi working would be enough.

What has been the support for vanilla linux from Chuwi products out of the box, historically?

Hello, it is not recommended to install Linux, some drivers may not be available after installation, thank you

Have you guys tried to run Linux on it?

I can live with minimal drivers, no sound, no accelerometer etc. is needed, only basic ones .

By the way, is Chuwi planning on launching a new version of Minibook X soon?

Hello to all.
I’m also really interested to install Ubuntu in this beautiful machine, that I’m still waiting (ordered in Banggood)

Someone had success to installa Linux ?

Could @ChuwiService test Linux in the Minibook X?
There are for sure lot of customers waiting for such Linux machine !!

I too ordered one from Banggood, in March 30, still waiting for them to ship it. They are selling it out of stock…

It seems everywhere i read , that Fedora runs best on Chuwi machines, including the previous Minibook.
Hopefully the basic stuff will work.

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Hi, I’ve had a Minibook X with Linux working.


almost works but some issues.

distro: Gentoo Linux
kernel: 5.17.6-gentoo-x86_64
Desktop Environment/WM: sway

  • Boot: works
  • USB: works
  • Screen Rotation: works with customization
  • Touch Screen: works
  • WiFi: works
  • Bluetooth: works
  • Camera: works
  • Keyboard: works but a issue
  • Touchpad: works but a issue
  • Power Management: works but some issue

Some comments

Screen rotation and calibrating touch screen

The screen of Minibook X is initially adjusted to portrait layout. You can fix it by adding a kernel parameter to your bootloader(grub, systemd-boot, etc)


On GUI environment (GNOME, KDE, sway and others) you may set screen rotation by each setting. Here is an example of sway($HOME/.config/sway/config)

output DSI-1 transform 90

In sway, you can adjust touch screen and stylus input by adding the parameter to sway config. But I don’t test both well (just works)

  input "10182:282:GXTP738:00_27C6:011A" {    
    map_to_output DSI-1                       
  input "10182:282:GXTP738:00_27C6:011A_Stylus" {    
    map_to_output DSI-1                       

WiFi & Bluetooth

Works well with the latest kernel and linux-firmware combination. It seems no trouble. Here is the output of dmesg of iwlwifi driver.

[   10.343107] iwlwifi 0000:01:00.0: enabling device (0000 -> 0002)
[   10.344889] Loading firmware: iwlwifi-7265D-29.ucode
[   10.349901] iwlwifi 0000:01:00.0: Found debug destination: EXTERNAL_DRAM
[   10.350108] iwlwifi 0000:01:00.0: Found debug configuration: 0
[   10.350650] iwlwifi 0000:01:00.0: loaded firmware version 29.4063824552.0 7265D-29.ucode op_mode iwlmvm
[   10.478392] iwlwifi 0000:01:00.0: Detected Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless AC 3165, REV=0x210
[   10.564629] iwlwifi 0000:01:00.0: Applying debug destination EXTERNAL_DRAM
[   10.596987] iwlwifi 0000:01:00.0: Allocated 0x00400000 bytes for firmware monitor.


No trouble. works with uvcvideo driver. Confirmed with Google meet on Chromium browser.


Works well but sometimes hang for a while, chattering. Maybe it occurs in overheated situation.


Works well but often hang for a while. Maybe it occurs in overheated situation. Using a bluetooth mouse reduce your stress significantly:)

Power Management

Charging is good both AC adapter(12V) port and USB-C port. I don’t test power management feature deeply, like power drain issue and others.

The shutdown and reboot doesn’t work well. The shutdown process is not completed in spite of executing shutdown(systemctl poweroff) command. The power LED remains on, the system remains powered. Reboot process isn’t ether. The system isn’t rebooted, stop at the same stage of shutdown(remains powered)

I hope @ChuwiService development team will fix it in the UEFI firmware.

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Hi, I had almost the same experience experimenting with ubuntu 22.04, including the touchpad stopping working when the laptop is hot. The only difference is that sometimes it doesn’t suspend when the lid close.
There are driver issues with power management in Linux (I think). It overheats fast (even when idling), and then it gets slow.

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Hi @jeg thank you for your feedback. Fortunately we can have the kind support from the drm-intel community. Finally the dpms off/on, suspend/resume, and shutdown/reboot issue has gone away with the patched drm-tip kernel on my environment. So nice. If you are interested in this, let’s see this issue on freedesktop gitlab

The keyboard chattering and mouse freeze issues haven’t been solved yet):
The power management feature issue isn’t fixed either.

Wow, thank you, I’ll try the patch!

Hi all,

I tried the current Linux Mint, but these things do not work properly:

  • screen rotation is wrong, xrandr does not fix it
  • touchscreen function does not work
  • wifi does not work
  • depending on the kernel version USB ethernet works with kernel 5.4.0-x but not with 5.8.0-x and not with 5.10.x

I am still trying to get it running.


What’s your desktop environment? (like Chinamon, Mate-desktop and others) It may not be the problem of Minibook X specific. If you use a wayland session, xrandr doesn’t work.

What’s the version of the kernel on Mint?
It’d be better to try the latest kernel (5.10.x seems a little bit older)

Touchscreen is working with i2c hid generic driver on my environment

[ 10.338372] input: GXTP738:00 27C6:011A Touchscreen as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:15.2/i2c_designware.2/i2c-2/i2c-GXTP738:00/0018:27C6:011A.0001/input/input8

About WiFi please check my previous post, especially the iwlwifi-7265D-29.ucode fimware is loaded successfully on your environment.

It may not be the problem of Minibook X specific. If it’s regression of the kernel of Linux of Mint, It would be better to raise a issue to the Linux Mint community.