Hi10 Go drivers

Hi @Management ,

Could we get the drivers for the Hi10 Go?
(e.g. Just like these posted by management [Lapbook] [Official Version] Chuwi Lapbook 15.6 Windows, Driver Download - #7 by TheoSudarja for another model)

Thank you,

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I could really use those drivers, but touch is not working anymore after Windows 10 update


Hi @wyf228 ,

Turn on the PC and press DEL (FN+P if you have the Chuwi keyboard).

But make a restore image of Windows before, else you will end up without any drivers, like me…

@parphane Here we go, I’ve already installed Windows11 into Hi10 GO and everything goes well as before, just perfect! :grinning:
I just installed the drivers backup by using a software.

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@wyf228 any chance you could share the drivers using a Google or OneDrive (or any other) link? :slight_smile:

Because I am now with a touch-less Hi10 Go :joy:

@parphane The software, i used for backing up the drivers and then restore, is Driver Genius, but i’m not sure if you can recognize Chinese, or perhaps, you can use some like Driver Talent or any other similiar English software.
I will try to upload the original Hi10 GO drivers to where you seek later back home.

Hey @wyf228 ,

As it turns out, my wife is Chinese so she should be able to help :smiley:

Thanks a lot and take your time, no rush!

I got the same problem. @wyf228 Thank you for your effort.

i’ll get home this wk end.

Hi guys, I’ve contacted the customer service of Chuwi, and they sent me the restore image for Hi10 go. After restoring the OS, I extracted the drivers. You can download the drivers here:

Please follow the link below to install the drivers:

Awesome @iuwu871 ,

Could you also share the link for the restore image from Chuwi?

@parphane Please download the restore image for Hi10 Go from the link:


  1. Format a USB drive (16GB + ) to NTFS;
  2. Unzip the downloaded file, and copy all the files to the root directory of the USB drive;
  3. Plug the USB drive to one of the type-c ports on Hi10 Go;
  4. Press the Fn and F7 keys on the keyboard, then power on Hi10 Go;
  5. Choose boot from the USB drive;
  6. Wait until the restore process is finished;
  7. After that, the system will reboot into the factory test mode. You just need to double-click the “Cleanup” icon and restart the OS;
  8. That’s it.

Awesome @iuwu871 ! Thank you

Hello. bought a Chuwi HI 10 Go tablet. When updating the operating system the screen no longer responds to the touch and the sound also does not work. I need some help. Thank you.

Same here.
I’ve made a clean install of Windows 11 (i needed a Pro Version).
Everything works fine except touch wich works as reversed and i can’t figure out how to fix it.