Chuwi Hi10 GO Megathread (W10/11)

Since there isn’t a subforum for this device and the Chuwi support is lacking, i choose to write this megathread just to share my findings on how to get the best out of the Hi 10 GO.

Prepare to completely format your device (just to eliminate every chinese bloatware)

Now, the fixes.

TOURCHSCREEN FIX (Thanks to @Devint ):

    • run ConfigUpdate from folder 2 OR if it swears and gives an error, first from folder 1, then from folder 2;
    • reboot.
      If someone should have the H7 updated diver, please feel free to create a download link for everyone else

GYROSCOPE FIX and other unkown peripherals (thix to @iuwu871 )

    • Unpack the zip;
    • go to Device Manager, select just the unrecognised devices and go to “search for drivers inside this devices” (or something like that, i’m going by memory);
    • select the path where you’ve unzip the downloaded archive and select “search also in subfolder”.
    • reboot.

Improve EMMC

    • Go to BIOS - Chipset - SCS Configuration;
    • Enable eMMC 5.1 HS400 Mode;

FIX MICROPHONE (Thanks to @Devint )

    • go to microphone properties - advanced;
    • uncheck “enable enhancement audio feature”.

I think you can also add to the fixes: If the microphone does not work on win 11, go to the sound settings, additional sound settings (the “Sound” panel should open). Next, go to the recording tab, go to the microphone properties, the “Advanced” tab. Uncheck the box next to “Enable additional sound tools”. It is Google translate text (My native lang is Rus).

And true site of Snappy right now is

And true site of Snappy right now is …

Actually, this is a fork of the main project.

I think you can also add to the fixes: If the microphone does not work on win 11, go to the sound settings, additional sound settings (the “Sound” panel should open). Next, go to the recording tab, go to the microphone properties, the “Advanced” tab. Uncheck the box next to “Enable additional sound tools”. It is Google translate text (My native lang is Rus).

Nice tip.
I’m adding it

Nice work briani_davide and Devint. It seems you care more about clients than Chuwi.
I´m strugling to get the bios version to N5100 model.
Whan I succeed, I´ll post the link here.

Thanks Fabio.
Well, an updated version of BIOS would be gold.

I hope you can get it

@briani_davide , I tried but didn’t succeed in get the BIOS file. So I have to open the tablet to check connections and get more information to try some fix.
Here’s what I found:

Chuwi Hi 10 Go CWI513 mother board. Zoom in to find ics locations.

SCY ic E128BS 128GB NAND memory Nand Flash

ict ic 25Q40 4Mb SpiFlash Memory W25Q40BV datasheet I didn’t find the ict datasheet but from the code 25Q40 was possible to find an equivalent.

ANX ic 7447 USB 3.1 switch USB-C

REALTEK ic RTS5170 USB 2.0 SD Card reader

REALTEK ic RTS5876 LED Lighting Drivers PC Camera Controller Realtek RTS5876-GR | Symmetry Electronics

Winbond ic W25Q128JVSQ 128Mb SpiFlesh Memory

Winbond ic W25X20C 2Mb SpiFlesh Memory

MagnaChip ic MDU1514 Single N-channel MosFet

The following are the ics located under the heat cooler plate.

Chuwi Hi 10 Go CWI513 mother board(under copper plate). Zoom in to find ics locations.

Micron ic mark code D9SKP 24Gb LPDDR4 SDRAM
Looking at FBGA and Component Marking Decoder the regarding part number MT53B384M64D4NK-062 WT:A was found.

IMG_20220506_175840659~2 SurfaceMountTVSDiodeArray

IMG_20220506_183230214~2 MagnaChip ic MDU1517 Single N-channel MosFet

IMG_20220506_183230214~4 Texas Instruments ic BQ715 Battery Charger Controller

ITE ic IT5570E Embedded Controller
According to system76/ec - githubmemory
Datasheets for the ITE embedded controllers used in System76 laptops cannot be shared outside of company. (However, the IT81202E datasheet is publicly available. While it uses a different core, a significant portion of the register information is the same as IT85878E/IT5570E)

Everest Semiconductor ic ES8336 Low Power Audio Codec 顺芯CODEC:ES8336_Codec_研尚科技|买芯片·选研尚

IMG_20220506_183145021~3 V3605 Single P-Channel Trench MOSFET

IMG_20220506_183230214~3 M2940 DMA Address Generator AM2940 Datasheet PDF -

IMG_20220506_183252598_HDR~2 According to iadp - SmdCode Search - Marking Codes, IADPx is referred to MP1475DJ High-Efficiency, 3A, 16V, 500kHz Synchronous, Step-Down Converter

IMG_20220506_183230214~5 According to ayj - SmdCode Search - Marking Codes, AYJ markcode on SON8 package is referred to
Texas Instruments ic TPA6204A1 1.7-W Mono Fully Differential Audio Power Amplifier

IMG_20220506_163503318~2 According to ddn - SmdCode Search - Marking Codes, DDN SMD marking code on SOT-25 package does refered to Torex ic XC6117D021MR Voltage detector also available on USP-6C package

IMG_20220506_163503318~3 According LPS - SmdCode Search - Marking Codes, LPS SMD marking code does refered to TI ic, LP2985-50DBVR LOW-NOISE LOW-DROPOUT REGULATOR WITH SHUTDOWN

IMG_20220506_183252598_HDR~3 According 2300 - SmdCode Search - Marking Codes, 2300 SMD marking code on a SOT-23 3 pin package does refered to Silikron ic, SSF2300 MOSFET

IMG_20220512_181135823~2 According 8619 - SmdCode Search - Marking Codes, 8619 SMD marking code on package does refers to MPS ic, MP8619 Synchronous Step-down Converter

IMG_20220512_180936365~2 Haier US Appliance Solutions KITCHEN HUB : Schematics : Page 30 it’s a pc camera
It’s available for quote on
RTS5842 Realtek Semiconductor Electronic Components ICs, RTS5842 Datasheet - Worldway Electronics. On manufacturer site, there is RTS58xx document RTS5803 - REALTEK

IMG_20220512_181958104~3 According ADD - SmdCode Search - Marking Codes, ADD SMD marking code on package TDFN refers to Maxim ic, MAX4489ATA Low-Noise, Low-Distortion, Wide-Band, Rail-to-Rail Op Amp

IMG_20220515_151705428~3 According, FM SMD marking code refers to Richtek ic, RT9293AGQW High Performance, Asynchronies Boost for 10 WLED Driver

IMG_20220512_180959763_HDR~2 At New Original Sm7503p Sop8 Interruptor De Poder De Controle Ic - Buy Sm7503p,Original New Ic,Ic Product on, the ic is available too be purchased.
It’s Linkage ic SM7503P Constant voltage / constant flow control power switch
Ou According 2603 - SmdCode Search - Marking Codes, 2603 SMD marking code refers to Cystech ic, MTP2603G6 P-channel enhancement-mode MOSFET

IMG_20220512_181734749_HDR~2 According 2015 - SmdCode Search - Marking Codes, 2015 marking code on a SO-8 package, refers to TI ic, TPS2015 power distribution switches

IMG_20220506_183156599~2 Maxim ic, MAX7624 CMOS 8-bit digital-to-analog converter (DAC)

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¡BEWARE! ¡NEWER MODELS DON’T HAVE PEN SUPPORT! I bought my tablet for drawing, and now I am stuck with a device that does not support the pen.

More people are having the same problem, and the only reply from Chuwi support is “your model does not support the pen”. They must have supply problems, or whatever.


Damn, you’re right.
They removed all the commercial infos about digitizer in the official website and store.

Probably because they didn’t figure out how to made the pen work properly.

I got my Hi10Go in Aug 2021 and this last week have seen that the battery has bloated. I’ve sent off e-mails to Chuwi with no response. It should be under warranty still and would like to get one from them.

It works great for my needs as a portable device for Ham Radio.

Does anyone know where you can get a battery for it? It would be good to have a choice if Chuwi does not come through.

Hi, does theses files work on the N5100 model ?
Thanks in advance

me too… this is so trash

I am currently having a touch screen problem (inputs are inverted) and the fix in this thread doesn’t work (N5100 model).


More, pen on widows tablet is the only alternative for mouse or trackpad, and without it you can’t even surf internet normaly, you always lack of possibility to hover elements.

I’ll double my answer from your thread here for others:
Here’s correct driver and some more overall useful info about device


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That worked, I’m also doubling my reply from here Chuwi Hi10 Go N5100 Touch Screen problem - #5 by guka90

Here’s the correct driver: 149.1 KB file on MEGA (I’m hosting this, please mirror it)

As a bonus I managed to get the N5100 restore image from, but it came with the inverted touch driver: 10.1-S102JWR120-JC86B-070-G(N5100) - just copy the content into an USB pendrive or something and rename the disk to “WINPE” (you have to rename it or else it won’t restore the image correctly)

Para os brasileiros: só instalar o driver com o link do mega que vai corrigir o problema do touch invertido, deixei também um pacote de restauração de imagem da versão N5100 que recebi do email de suporte oficial (mas que veio com driver de touch errado, é só jogar os arquivos dentro de um pendrive e renomear o disco para “WINPE”, depois instalar o driver do mega e clicar em “clean up” no Windows que vai chegar na tela de instalação zerado). Abraços!

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Hello. Can I add SSD or emmc drive on Chuwi Hi10 Go ? I know that we have emmc 5.1 128 GB nand drive but maybe on motherboard we have pads or connector to do this ? What does it do bellow connector ?

By the way, someone put Android x86 ??
Tried to put it, but after choosing which version to put a black screen :((

Hi. download the source code. The developer sent me an image. there is an instruction in the word file. During installation, everything is erased