[Chuwi Hi10 GO] and Linux

Hi, somebody have experience with this new tablet and linux ? Thanks

I wish chuwi send sample to test and add support of their devices on linux distro.

But they dont seem interested for linux yet.

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They could reconsider it.

*going out of the thread * Actually there is no avalible products to buy with some linux option. No PineTab, no Ubuntu Touch… and almost everything is Arm. Chuwi is the unique proper alternative with x86 without going for the MSurfaces. I found the surfaces absurd because I have already an laptop… I want something to go like a tablet in a similar price, without care about if my bought android apps suddenly got deprecated. I don’t want android anymore.

Have a look at my post here.

True, i have been tying to convince oem to try supporting Linux for some of their models.
Only few have agreed for mini pcs.

For tablet use case linux is still lagging touch standard support functions. Even though features are available but need to be set manually.

I hope chuwi will consider linux and share sample with developers to get their device supported in linux.

Tried some Distros with it, Manjaro Gnome feels best for me, Kubuntu 21.10 plasma wayland second.

Best performing 2core atom thing i ever had in my hands, great display, two usb ports, its worth some work.

Manual rotation to landscape works fine in wayland, including touch screen.

Wifi may crash the system with kernels >5.11, needs an “options rtw88_pci disable_aspm=1” in /etc/modprobe.d/rtw88_pci.conf, seems to be a power management bug, not Chuwi specific, crappy realtek driver.

Virtual keyboards in wayland are snafu in all distros i tested. Would love to have a working maliit-keyboard. Working on it.

Sound is not fixable yet, waiting for 5.16, there are some i915/sof patches needed for jasper lake, but the kernel guys work on it, its not just a Chuwi thing, a lot of new hardware fails actually.

Thanks for sharing ! I have installed Gentoo (compiling took a while :smiley: ) and pretty much everything except sound and touchscreen is working. I know that touchscreen should work so most likely I’m missing correct module. I just can’t identify the touchscreen to check modules… Are you aware of which is correct module for that ?

Many thanks in advance !

I only switched to landscape manually in wayland. :slight_smile:

Seems to hang somewhere between kernel and userland.

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Just received my Hi10 Go and installed for a first test the manjaro gnome.
Touchscreen worked out of the box. As mentioned above, sound and display orientation have some issues.
Additionally I have currently the issue when I suspend the tablet, I won’t be able to resume again. Currently I haven’t looked into it, I just disabled the Power Button for now. Maybe someone of you has a fix for that?

Since I have no use for auto rotation I’m fine with rotating the display manually once.
I just added the experimental settings for fractional scaling in wayland to select a decent screen scaling.

The inbuilt virtual keyboard worked flawless for me with Gnome 41.5

Do you have some bugreport ticket for the sound issue where I can monitor the current status?

Hey Logoo, I tested manjaro gnome myself a few days ago.
You can get the auto screen rotation working by simply installing the iio-sensor-proxy package.

I have tested it, and it works perfectly.

The suspending is indeed still a problem, and I didn’t manage to fix it, even after trying multiple bios settings, this is the biggest deal breaker for me currently.

thanks. display rotation works like a charm. For future reference: You should disconnect your keyboard to be in tablet-mode.

For the suspending, I’m fine with locking the screen by menu for now and reduce the display timeout. Since I use it mostly at home, power is not a big issue as long as I can disable the display.

Chuwi Hi10Go with N5100.
Manjaro with kernel 5.15 - works everything except auto-rotation (even with iio-sesnor-proxy) and sound.
OpenSuse tumbleweed with kernel 5.17 same.
Fedora 36 with kernel 5.17 works flawlessly even with auto rotate, but without sound!

Are both camera’s working?

Works and not:
OpenSuse tumbleweed with kernel 5.17 both cameras work but I can see RGB vertical stripes on both outputs (front/rear)
On PopOS (Ubuntu 22.04 based) cameras are unusable laggy.
I am very disappointed by this device and its Linux support. I wish I should google more before I bought it, I didn’t expect so much problems with such outdated HW!

Try installing kernel 5.17 on Ubuntu 22.04

sudo apt install linux-oem-22.04 linux-tools-oem-22.04

Make sure you restart after

Installed kernel 5.17 on Ubuntu 22.04 but it’s the same as previous:

  • sensor for rotating does not work
  • sound not working
  • cameras (both) working but picture is crippled by vertical stripes and picture is upside-down
    So far best result was on latest Fedora 36, but still no sound and I haven’t tested cameras there
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I am getting my tablet on wednesday and I will test it as well.

So far best results on this tablet are on Fedora Linux.
Both cameras picture is fluent, however upside down. Sensor for rotating works. System is fluent and stable. Battery life same as like as on Windows 11, but much worse than on Windows 10.
The only unresolved problem is the no sound on the tablet.

the 5.18 kernel was released last week and made it already in the arch core repo. Which adds support for Alder Lake so the sound works for me with the new kernel.

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Does it work with display rotation too on Arch?