Initiative to help Chuwi make Linux Devices

Hello Everyone,

I have been a part of Chuwi forum to help all users with their linux question even though I do not own any Chuwi hardware yet but I am always active in helping linux users with the amount of knowledge I have for Linux distributions.

I would like to request Chuwi to look into the possibilities of having a device shipped with a User Friendly Linux distribution like Manjaro as I am part of Manjaro community but I also help other linux distro’s

Mr. Jason who is a journalist at Forbes have explained very clearly the need for Mid range Linux devices in his article and his video, links below.

Article: The Linux Laptop Market Has A Serious Problem

Video : Where are the AFFORDABLE Linux laptops?

I will be happy to help with Manjaro Linux support if Chuwi is interested in Partnering with Manjaro Linux.

I hope community users can support this post to make Chuwi aware of Linux requirement in the market.

Thank you.

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Would love to see this as an option.

Thanks @spikerguy for your great initiative on helping the users of Chuwi on issues of Linux.

I also hope that Chuwi can have a device shipped with any Linux distribution.

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Thanks for the support we need more users to push linux support so manufacturers can treat linux as alternative OS