Best cheap tablet chuwi for linux?


I wanted to buy a good tablet for media consumption and after remembering that there are tablets that can run Linux instead of android i decided to go for one of them.
After surfing a bit I reached the conclusion that a chuwi was the best option, so here I am looking for the most compatible and cheap tablet to do so.

Any help would be appreciated!

I think @Management can advice which chuwi hardware have the best linux support.

Well I will be happy to also know the opinion of the community and from the folks that are running it on their tablet.
I also wanted to know if there will be a official Linux option in the not too far future because I think I read about it in the forums.
I’m a Manjaro user in my gaming pc and laptop but i wanted a cheap tablet to watch youtube and read a couple of pdfs, so future storage expansion is a must for me. Can any of this tablets have an ssd installed?
I would by one for me and other for my dad, because he is a teacher and wants a light weight device that can work as a mini blackboard to project, and he uses a lot (and wen I say a lot is like 6.000 pdfs) and also runs Linux mint.

Thanks for your help.

cc @spikerguy @Management

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Happy to see manjaro user here. I am Manjaro ARM Team maintainer :wink:

I am here to help users port to linux. I will be happy to collaborate with chuwi in getting official Manjaro support and release a device with manjaro pre-installed.
I wish manufacturer will move towards Linux soon.

Let’s hope for the best.
Linux is the future. :wink:

Oh hi there!
I saw that you guys have an arm laptop but i wanted something more tablet like.
Any personal advice?

Is that an official statement ? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Pinetab but not anytime soon. :rofl:

No nothing yet. Everyone seems busy due to the worldwide issue. I would be happy to make this official, :wink: only if chuwi is interested :slight_smile:
Time will only tell :slight_smile:


That will be awesome! something like a Hi10X with coreboot and manjaro will be my dream!!

You have a future tester here :wink:

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I would suggest you to buy Lenovo M10 Tablet.I am currently using it. I bought it recently in these lockdown period for teaching coding to my kids. It is one of the best windows tablet in terms of affordability and usage.