Chuwi Chromebooks?

I bought quite a few number of Windows-based Chuwi laptops over the years.
Now that I switched to Chrome OS - that I like much better than Windows -, I’m sorry to see that Chuwi does not make any Chromebook.

Are you planning to come with a Chromebook any time soon?

I doubt this will happen anytime soon, as they think only windows devices can get them sales while other platform like ChromeOS or Linux does not have market for sales.

It is better for us to get a response from Chuwi official and again I doubt that they can give any clear answer for the same.

Good that you raised this question though.

Thanks for your answer.

I believe that Chrome OS is becoming each year more popular - that’s the reason why you have this year - for the first time ever - key players launching premium Chromebook laptops such as Samsung with it top-of-the-line Galaxy Chromebook, or HP with its X360 14c.

I can only imagine what Chuwi could do if they entered this market!
I’m sure they could match Samsung Galaxy Chromebook, but at a much more affordable price.

The company does not have such a plan at present

Is there any plan for linux support?
As many laptop manufacturers already providing linux support like Dell, Lenovo.

I think Chuwi should think about it.

@DenisLeGeek I think you can run chromeos on x86 also. I am not sure of how many drivers will work out of the box though.

Not yet :slightly_smiling_face: