Hi I work for Russia, what OS can install on Hi10X? we wanna avoid infiltration by the Americans. thx

Hi, we still worry about Snowden’s issue in every american products.

some of our men work on the field and the communication got intercepted/interrupted by the Americans.

we smuggled some Chuwi Hi10X tablets (thru sea way, not directly purchased)

I wish every hardware is working esp touch, stylus with pressure sensitivity, palm rejection.

I read that, systematically:
ChromOS alike:

FydeOS (chromeOS alike) could have the stylus working.
[ref: Stylus not working Chuwi HI10 X · Issue #431 · sebanc/brunch · GitHub
Stylus not working Chuwi HI10 X #431
Ebbot9876 commented on Aug 20, 2020
sebanc](sebanc · GitHub) I tried latest FydeOS with 5.4 kernel, stylus works fine there!
Is it possible to use 5.4 kernel with brunch?

half-half ChromeOS:
Brunch/ChromeOS would have touch but no stylus.
[same reference as above]

Full linux:
Ubuntu also have touch but no stylus (or stylus not very good support).
[same reference:
The firmware of this specific tablet is only Windows-based, and the manufacturers never made a way for us users to use other Linux-based OS. I tried Linux Mint and PopOS before and they seem to have some form of support on the Pen/Stylus Input for this. I just don’t know how I can use their implementation for Chrome OS]
so seems desktop linux have some form of support for the stylus, but wont be good.
2nd ref: desktop linux seems to work someway:

Pen works although it seems to register before it touches the screen and I can’t get the buttons to do anything. No big deal for me though.

what else?

We are losing in the field.

Please help!



Install TrashOS. It only takes a few seconds to install.
If you don’t want to dump it, you can stop being a stupid troll. the russian army has their own linux distro…


Installing any OS will give you nothing, as all the spying is done in hardware.
Use Elbrus-based computer.

“We are losing in the field” - You have already lost.

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Potatoes or cabbages ?

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