ChromeOS flex could be a good alternative OS for hi10x


tested booting from usb, without install.

So far…

Boots well.

screen rotation could manually change to landscape in settings.

touch work well, stylus works very very well, in the canvas app even have pressure sensitivity.
onboard sound very well.

go to sleep when idel, press keyboard can wake up.

wifi works well

even the blue function keys on keyboard like Fn+arrow up is more bright, Fn+arrow right is louder sound, these 2 work well.

SPEED is super fast, super smooth.

my hi10x is celeron n4100, 6+128,
previous i don’t use online but i am sure it will very very lag, and even cant play youtube 1080p smoothly.

but /w ChromeOS flex, youtube can play at 1080p60fps and still smooth.

will report if anything not working later.

ps ChromeOS flex seems more legal than brunch+chromeos.
but ChromeOS flex cant run android apps yet (thru vm),
i haven’t test whether this particular model can use “linux beta”(thru vm).

That is something I would like to test. Can you elaborate the process you did to run ChromeOS Flex?


you can follow google’s guide or this guy’s:
u only need a usb stick.

i tried bliss os before with old kernel, seems touch and stylus are added in new kernel.

so, the most update CrOS flex or brunch-CrOS shd support touch and stylus.

i think i am going to give brunch-CrOS a try later too.

btw, better insert the usb stick in the hi10x’s middle usb3 port and not the keyboard’s. if usb got disconnected the system will halt.