ChromeOS flex could be a good alternative OS for hi10x

it must be the evil amer1cans workdone to make our lives harsh.

they are simply picking up stones and throw at their own feets.

i am laughing to see them fail.

fydeos just released v16,

x86 with fydeos (x86 chromiumOS + android support) have continuous update.

MUCH better than cheap arm tablet which got abandoned.

and support more (.exe, windows, linux binary) than those arm chromeblet.

chuwi hi10x/r is really a good investment: just make sure it use the intel/realtek sound driver!

ps: on the other hand, the ES3886 variant seems get the tf slot supported, but not my variant. however, tf is not very important in the android/chromeOS world.

thank you for you info.

so i guess facts so far:
hi10x+n4100 = intel/realtek sound
hi10x+n4120=es8336 sound
hi10xr+n4120=intel/realtek sound

i am going to buy my 3rd hi10x/r

1 for dual boot win10+bitlocker vs fydeos for real everyday use
1 for OS flex (it’s TRUSTable)
1 for playing fydeos+primeos

also 1 lenovo duet 3i (n5300, 8G ram, 256GB emmc) as win10, win10-airgap, fydeos, primeos

i love cheap intel tablets!

oh no!

i wanna buy 1 more hi10x/r /w intel sound card.

but taobao, jd (for chinese) only have hi10x+n4120 i.e. es8336.

chuwi official store same.

so sad.

is it possible to install Chrome Flex on Chuwi hi10 Go?

at this moment,
you can install on hi10go,
but no sound no touch.
that’s what i heard.

you can google search specific for result

Just tried Chrome OS Flex yesterday on my Chuwi hi 10x.
It works extremely fast, but I got a huge problem, the sound card is not detected I could only listen with Bluetooth so I removed it and installed fedora.

Quite impressive fedora work’s everything out of the box. Keyboard, touch screen, sound you name it. It is also extremely fast.

my tablet is very recent I got it a few weeks ago. Definitely windows 11 is to heavy for it. Google OS seems amazing but the sound card Chuwi uses is quite difficult to get to work

refer above,
you must be n4120 hi10x. using ess386 sound chip.

doom to be without sound.

both of mine are with intel/realtek soundcard, so both have sound for me.
ps: but my variant dont have microsd slot.
others say the variant /w ess386 have microsd slot detected.

Does any one know if is it possible to boot ChroomeOS flex or any flavour of Linux from SD card? How to configure BIOS for that?

Exactly I read it all before and followed all the tutorials I could find, even on Mint and Ubuntu no sound, but it really works perfectly with fedora. Mine has the microsd but to be honest never really used it, some cloud service like google drive is more than enough.
This cpu is really poor for Windows 11, everything works but everything works slow :slight_smile:
If audio is not an issue using external soundcard chromeos should be perfect, but using external gadgets will limit the portability it makes little sense I kept fedora (never used this system before) There is some learning curve to know how the OS works but after that its hard to go back to windows it just feels really old the windows system icons on destop and so on

i cant do that on the intel/realtek sound card variant,
but one guy here used primos say he could do so.
his is the one /w ess386.

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there are 2 types of variants,
you should be the ess386 variant, no luck on sound.

for me, both mine are intel/realtek,
they all works except 1. tf slot don’t work 2. cant boot from tf 3. rotation dont work but this is common in linux based OS