Request Android OS for Chuwi Hi10 Air

Dear Admin,

could you provide us Android OS for chuwi Hi10 Air?
reffer to I just want turn my windows tablet into android, i have installed before but some device not installed correctly. i wish Team Research and Development can fix it. or maybe provide android os for chuwi hi10 air version.


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Android system has not been developed for the Hi10 Air tablet so it is not possible to install such a system.

Sorry I don’t have an answer, but I have the exact sam problem, I charged my Air10 overnight, I only have a black screen, I am frustrated with it now, wish I had gotten an HP

Seeing that the hardware is the same (except for the screen) isn’t it possible to use a ROM from Hi10 Pro on Hi10 Air?

I would also like to use android on the tablet, and the bios of Air is compatible with it… (or at least it has that option in it).

I have tried to install the android on Chuwi hi 10air using the method on XDA forum.
above link consist of installation steps and file .
i have tried myself everything works great including touch screen but only audio and auto rotate does not work plzzz can anyone help me solve this problem…

Yes mate. I already ported hi10 pro’s android to /hi10 air. It’s possible and works great.

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Dear Arxym

Please make a detailed guide of the latest android installation method (rotate - audio). Thanks!

Hello! To get the audio and camera working, flash back the default Hi10 Air Bios that is provided in this forum. Don’t worry, the bios will still let the android boot. Simple flash procedure - copy all bios files to flash drive named ‘WINPE’ in fat32 format. Connect keyboard - F7 - Usb flash drive. Wait for the bios flash to finish. The device shuts down/ boots on its own once done.

For the rotate- install any old rotation application that’s free. Plenty of them in the playstore. Rotate to landscape. Set it permanent. Go to notification slider - lock rotate - delete the rotation application. Done. Now you can have one screen orientation forever. Or how you want.

And here’s the guide for Android. However replace the remix os zip with Android vanilla android zip I’ve posted somewhere in this forum. Do some search if possible mate I’m in the classroom on a cellphone and too tough for me to do copy/pasting… sorry!
For now, to flash android, you will need to bios that is in this guide. However once everything is done, you can flash back original Hi10 bios to get audio/camera working.
So follow-on,

Format a usb pen drive to FAT32 and name it ‘WINPE’.
copy all the files from the cross-bios folder to the ‘WINPE’ drive.

Connect Chuwi Hi-10 air to the keyboard or an external keyboard via usb.
When chuwi boot appears, press F7 to enter boot selection menu
Select WINPE Drive and wait for bios to get installed.

After Reboot- the screen will look messed up and thats okay.
That’s how it will be for bios and boot but it won’t matter to the OPERATING SYSTEM/ANDROID.

Shutdown the device.

Connect via usb to computer and start intel platform flash tool.
Make sure usb drivers are installed lol

In the flash tool, select browse and browse to unzipped Chuwi hi10 android folder that has flash.json file. Select the file.
Make sure device can be seen connected in the flash tool.
Flash. Relax.

Wait for device to boot -reboot - boot a few times on its own until REMIX OS boot appears.

During installation, do not connect to wifi because Remix OS behaves stupid. Connect later after installation and setup. Keep some patience and trust me.


Ask me further if you need some help with the Android. I’ll help you make it perfect that you’ll love the Tablet.

File Links - ( Files belong to me and are uploaded by me to my g-drive- citing myself and not breaking laws)
The Android Zip -…ew?usp=sharing

Extract it. It contains a flash.json file that needs to be located and used by flash tool.

Bios and installer zip (also contains README for help) -…ew?usp=sharing

The folder has the bios for the WINPE drive and Intel’s flashtool for installing android.

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Thanks a lot!!!

I installed Vanila Android and after the original Bios. . The device shuts down/ boots on its own for ever!!! Any idea? Shall I reinstall Vanila?

After I have install Official Bios and return to your Bios Vanilla does not startup. Any idea?

Hi Arxym,

Will I be able to perform updates to Android after using your method to install Vanilla Android on my Hi10 Air?

We’re you able to resolve this or was your device bricked? I just received my Hi10 Air last night and would much prefer android or cloudready over windows as it isn’t very useful with the slow windows install.

No my device did not bricked but android does not work good (no sound)

That’s unfortunate. Are you back to windows 10 now or a other os?

yes windows 10 and ubuntu with some problems

That’s great. I think your experience realy help me . Could you share how it can be installed? I also want to port android to my Hi10 air but entering DNX mode is impossible even I tried Vol+, Vol+, Power many times. Thanks.

Power button volumen + and volumen -, la the three buttons at once.
Until the message ndx comes out