Request Android OS for Chuwi Hi10 Air

Dear Admin,

could you provide us Android OS for chuwi Hi10 Air?
reffer to I just want turn my windows tablet into android, i have installed before but some device not installed correctly. i wish Team Research and Development can fix it. or maybe provide android os for chuwi hi10 air version.


Android system has not been developed for the Hi10 Air tablet so it is not possible to install such a system.

Sorry I don’t have an answer, but I have the exact sam problem, I charged my Air10 overnight, I only have a black screen, I am frustrated with it now, wish I had gotten an HP

Seeing that the hardware is the same (except for the screen) isn’t it possible to use a ROM from Hi10 Pro on Hi10 Air?

I would also like to use android on the tablet, and the bios of Air is compatible with it… (or at least it has that option in it).