Android for chuwi hi10 air

I have tried to install the android on Chuwi hi 10air using the method on XDA forum.
above link consist of installation steps and file .
i have tried myself everything works great including touch screen but only audio and auto rotate does not work plzzz can anyone help me solve this problem…

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I’m sorry, we don’t have Android drivers for that tablet

Can you provide the sound and autorotation driver of chuwi hi10 pro android then my problem will be solved… every thing else work fine on that android os…

It is not possible because the Android drivers are in the Kernel and a Kernel has not been developed for that tablet model.

Hello! I’m the one who ported android to the chuwi hi10 air tablet. The same guy who posted the tutorial at Xda. It’s simple mate. Use a screen rotation application, rotate it to landscape if you want it that way forever, lock rotation again and delete the application. Also, I understand that the camera doesn’t work with the Remix OS however I also have a vanilla version of the same where audio and camera, both work. Let me know if you want me to upload them.

It’s possible. Everything is possible. I already did it.

Sure bro i really want to try android on my tab… upload the vanilla version one with working audio and camera…
And with if installation instructions thanks…

Okay uploading. Instructions are the same. Just replace the main android zip with the one I’m about to give you. Flash this one.

There you go!

Thanks bro I’ll surely try…

Mate i have installed the vanilla android but still audio is not working…

Sir …can you help me please…i can not flash bios…i followed your instructions…but when i select my usb on boot it takes me to efi shell and gives an error efi/android/bootx64.efi is not recognised as internal or external command…please help me

sir… in another thread you said that we have to flash hi10 bios to get audio working … is it safe to flash hi10 bios on my chuwi hi10air? while the os remix I checked in about settings is chuwi hi10 pro (sorry for my bad english, using gtranslate)

Hi all,
I’ve tried to install Android using the arxym toturial at Xda but my tablet goes to a black screen and don’t turn on again.
I’ve unplugged the battery, turned the tablet on again, but the screen remains black.
This tutorial is for Hi10 AIR version?
I’ll flash the BIOS using the CLAMP tutorial but I really want to use android on the tablet.

How could I root this version?