Request Android OS for Chuwi Hi10 Air

Can someone upload a video tutorial how to install android os i stuck in dnx mode wait 30 mins but still nothing happened

Seguí los pasos indicados por Arxym para instalar Android y Windows en una Chuwi HI10 Air y me quedé sin tablet. Ya no arranca, ni carga la batería. Después de indagar mucho en el foro he visto que es algo “habitual”. Si juegas con la BIOS te expones a quedarte sin tablet. Así que espero que al menos mi experiencia os sirva de algo. NO tratéis de cambiar la BIOS de un Chuwi HI10 Air por otra para conseguir un dual Android/Windows. Lo más probable es que os carguéis el tablet. Ahora me queda flashear la BIOS con un programador externo (si se puede) , o tirarla.
Cuidado con los cantos de sirenas.
Manonegra, he visto un tutorial pdf para flashear una Chuwi HI12, pero no para una Chuwi HI10 Air. ¿Crees que es posible? En cualquier caso, he bajado del foro una copia de BIOS para HI10 AirQ64G19060, que también son los primeros números de serie de mi tablet. ¿Me vale?
Disculpa las molestias y gracias por adelantado.

Can you fix this?


Just to be sure, is this guide for installing android only or can windows be retained together with android, i.e. dual boot? many thanks.

Perdona que no te haya contestado antes, no había visto el hilo.

Sí es posible recuperar la tablet con la ayuda de un programador externo, no es muy complicado y hay tutoriales por aquí, el sistema es el mismo. Cualquiera de ellos sirve, pero hay que identificar bien cuál es el chip de la bios.
El número de serie está formado por el modelo de dispositivo y después unas cifras que determinan el año y fecha de fabricación, en tu caso 1906 siginifica que es de junio de 2019 y le valdrán siempre la bios y la rom anterior si no hay una que coincida exactamente con la tuya.

I followed your procedure to flash cross bios, but my Hi10 Air shut down and did not reboot. Black screen. If I connect USB-C power cable, the POWER LED turns on, but turns off again immediately. Device doesn’t boot at all. Do I have to reflash BIOS with external programmer (link:!V9dRxSJB!5vAz9wpTcSyFfBH4eayIUlrjj67atC6DBjTkOMu72Xk)? Or is there another solution? Thanks.

I need Windows 10, Drivers and Stylus driver for CWI529 Hi10 airq64g190602042

I found Two version of windows RS4 and RS6 which is the correct for my device ?

Any of them, it’s just different windows builds.

@arxym hey, I installed the cross-bios, installed vanilla android, and it works just without audio and camera. you said to flash back to the original Hi10 Air bios, but doing that just puts me in a bootloop, the tablet restarts when it tries to boot android. any fix? my tablet is the 1906 model with the new bios if that makes any difference

I fixed it! You have to change OS ID or something like that in the BIOS from Windows to Android. It feels slower on the original bios though… I’ll look into it.

Hi friend @Snowdrive
I was able to install the android but still not able to fix audio and camera can you please tell me how you fixed it. If you prepare video tutorial for this process then it will be very useful…

hi… were you able to fix this? im having the same issue

did this work? i encounter same issue

Did you find a solution?

I got myself into the same situation. Flashed BIOS successfully, and then after a reboot, the device does not turn on.

Hi, did you find any solution to this?

Why does the bios driver folder have porn videos zipped in it?

I tried running BlissOS on my Hi10 Air but that was a distrastrous experience. Slow, no touchscreen and above all, no way to get the image rotated correctly (I could only get a portrait-mode full-screen view).

And then I had the hunch to install ChromeOS on a fast thumb drive (Samsung Fit) following the instructions at GitHub - sebanc/brunch: Boot ChromeOS on x86_64 PC (supports most Intel CPU/GPU or AMD Ryzen / Sto, and that has changed my whole view of the entire Hi10. I now have a snappy enough device that still lacks touchscreen support, but the OS is intended for a keyboard + touchpad interface so that’s OK. Most everything else seems to work … and you get Android app support.

FWIW, I glued a Wavlink USB-C hub (a model with just 4 USB3 ports, plus a USB-C port for PD charge) to the back of the tablet so I can now even run it under charge. I did have to increase the USB-C male connector length of the hub a bit by filing off some of the connector housing, otherwise the charge feature doesn’t work on my Hi10. The included PSU is also to weak to charge the battery with the tablet on so it only increases battery lifetime, but in theory I should now be able to suspend the OS and recharge the battery.

Hi arxym
Your procedure is the most complete, no invasive, I found in this forum.
Do you know if this will work on other chuwi models, replacing the bios accordingly, of course?

Hello sir for chuwi 10 hi air remix android os sound fix update?? Still sound not working i tried and install valina android os and flash bios with given in forum but there no sound so please given any solution for this…