How to switch from Windows 10 to Android

Hai, I have been using Chuwi Hi 10 Air for many months. Recently the new Windows 10 make the tab lag so bad, sometimes it’s hard to even just type using the virtual keyboard and it’s stuck (this is fresh Windows 10 installation. I read that the old version of this model came with dualboot Android + windows. My question is, is there a way to install android in this tablet ? I know android works good with 4GB ram and smooth. The tablet is not useable if I stick with Windows 10. The speed and performance for the latest Windows 10 is really bad. Since the old model supports Android, can this possible to install Android on this table ?

Can somebody, the staff tell me about this ? I bought this tab on November 2019, not yet 1 year and I just need suggestion where to look for the Android Image file. Believe me I’m a technical person. Give me the source and I will do my own.

It’s ok. I saw someone posted in XDA forum.