Can't put Linux on a never-used Ubook so I want to sell it

I have a Ubook that’s new, never used. Unfortunately for me the Ubook does not have hardware/drivers compatible with Linux so I cannot use it.

The Ubook has a 1 TB SSD and the bluetooth mouse and pen that came with it. Original box.

I’d like to sell to anyone in the US. If interested please make me an offer I cannot refuse.
Thank you.

I cannot find a Ubook mentioned on the Chuwi web site. What is it? Processor/SOC, RAM, OS, wifi chip if known, etc?

Will do , thx. Chromebook or winblows?

Windows 10 home

The m3 is a bit light weight and the screen size 11.6 inches is not large enough for my needs. It kind of stinks for you since the Chuwi answer to this question was answered with a yes in the initial campaign.

I don’t think you’d want to take what I would be willing to offer.

I am willing to discuss it with you further but I’m afraid I’d insult you (100-125). I think someone else would get better use and hopefullyy offer you double that.

Side note: Did you try installing lineageOS or anything? Check Intel’s site for the driver blobs?

Sorry for the previous aborted reply.

Thank you for the reply and offer. You are correct. I really need to recover a good bit more of what my wife paid into the Kickstarter campaign to fund the Ubook.

I am not familiar with lineageOS. Is that a flavor of Linux?

In my case I need all of my devices to work with Linux Mint. Unfortunately I just do not have the time (crazy busy!) to try a variety of other flavors looking for one that sort of works but still needs a lot “cobbling together” of drivers, etc. to get it to work smoothly with the Ubook.

I appreciate your reply. Thank you. :o)

No it is Android OS AOSP build without any tracking. Basically it is cleaner version of Android.

I think you might need help from the Linux Mint team to get this as Chuwi team might not be able to help you much with it. Instead you should try Manjaro which seems to have support for all newer devices. Not sure about it as it all depends on the hardware used.

All the best.

Hi. Thanks for the suggestion. I have not tried Manjuro though from prior posts one can see that several of us have tried various flavors of Linux and none of them install on the UBook. There seems to be something inherently conflicted in the UBook’s components.
I may try the Linux Mint team to see if anyone there has a suggestion.

Sure, Try it and let me know Maybe I can help you. As I had tested Linux Mint on my Tablets for testing.

All the best.

Also Can anyone from the Chuwi support team confirm if Ubook is using 32bit EFI or 64Bit?

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