Installing Linux (preferably Mint 19) on Ubook?

Can anyone help me with instructions on installing Linux (preferably Mint 19) on a Ubook? I have never turned on this Ubook as I have no idea how to use Windows 10. And if Linux won’t install (BIOS issues??) or if the Ubook and Linux have driver incompatibilities then I don’t want to try to install Linux and make a mess of the Windows 10. (I’d just leave the Windows 10 install and sell the Ubook to someone who uses Windows.)

If anyone can give me detailed instructions/help I’d be most appreciative.
Thanks! :o)

As far as I know, you can install linux. Just go into your favourite distro’s website, download the ISO, flah it on a USB thru and you’re ready to go. You also have to set the thing in the BIOS setings to not activate windows, just find the key to press in the startup and you’re done.

Thanks for this reply.
Does anyone know for certain if Linux (preferably Mint 19) can be installed on the Ubook? I’d be concerned trying cianoscatolo’s helpful suggestion only to find out that I end up with a “brick” because of incompatibilities. Given that I have zero knowledge of Windows I would not know how to recover a Windows installation if this happened.
Thank you. :soccer:

You can boot a live usb version of Linux without installing. This way you can test for yourself what does and does not work.

Yes, of course. Thank you.
I totally spaced out and forgot that as a way to test a Linux installation. :upside_down_face:
So simple. I appreciate the suggestion.
Now I have to download a live version to a thumb drive.

Anybody had any luck installing Linux on the UBOOK? In my case it’s absolutely impossible to boot any Linux distributions, not even to the distro installer, no matter what usb key preparation tool I use. It always shuts the UBOOK down while loading the system.

If anybody knows what to do in order to successfully boot, please let me know.

You seem to be getting a bit farther than I have. I am trying to boot a Mint 19 USB stick but never get close to loading it.

I have not yet set up Windows 10 as I know nothing about that O/S and don’t want to use it in any case. When I power on the Ubook I am taken to the Windows set up. I get the voice prompting me to set up wifi, choose a name and password, etc.

Unlike other computers this Ubook just ignores the USB stick inserted into it and goes straight to Windows set up. At that point I am forced to press the power button for about five-six seconds until the Ubook shuts off. Unlike the previous poster my Ubook does not get to the point that it shuts itself off when it detects Linux.

I do not know what to do at this point. I really do not want to go through the Windows set up and configuration, but if that’s necessary I guess I’ll bite the bullet. But given all the recent news about Windows 10 security problems I’d really rather not have to deal with that O/S at all.

Thanks to anyone who can get this Ubook up and running with a “live” version so I can see how (if??) it will work with Linux.

Unfortunately trying to boot with a USB stick did not work. Please see the details in immediately prior post.
Thank you.

Does anyone know which “F” button to press during power up to get a Linux USB stick to boot? Is it F10? F12? Something else?

You set the boot order in the BIOS otherwise your USB drive will not be selected as the boot disk

OK, thanks, dsp3. Appreciate the reply.

Good thing I found in another thread the instruction to press “esc.” Otherwise I would never have known which key opens the BIOS. (I’m used to pressing “F” buttons.)

By the way, could you also respond to the other Ubook thread in which the user asks: “Does anyone knows how to tweak the BIOS so that the UBook boots from a USB device 1st before accessing the SSD?”

Thanks again.

If you send me a Ubook, I will be glad to take a look :wink:
The process should be the same on most computers.

  1. Access the BIOS.
  2. Find the disks menu. There you can change the order in which disks are selected for boot.
  3. Save the settings
  4. Reboot with your USB disk (or whatever disk you chose) connected to the machine.

I have accessed the BIOS but now what? I see under Boot Option Priorities the following:

Boot Option #1 [Windows Boot Manager
(P1: Netac SSD 1 TB)]
Fast Boot [Disabled]
New Boot Option Policy [Default]

How do I add an option to boot from USB stick so that I can set it first?
Thank you.

Select the disc with the Linux Live USB installed on it. If it isn’t visible, then the disk you created isn’t bootable.

Oh, do you mean I should have the USB stick inserted when I power-up and press esc to go to the BIOS? Then it will show up in BIOS?
Sorry if that is a very basic question but I just don’t do this sort of configuration as a rule.
Thank you.

Yes. If the computer can’t see the disk, how will it chose it? :thinking:

OK, I know, I know. :o(
I have to set-up the Ubook first. Starting that now. Never set up a Windows computer before. Assuming it will be no different than setting up for Linux.
Stay tuned.

Why would you ruin a computer with Windows? :smiley:
Good luck

My wife bought the Ubook for me thinking it came with Ubuntu Linux. Unfortunately it did not (even though on the box there is a Ubook label with tick boxes showing both Windows and Linux). I do not use Windows and don’t see any chance that I will have a need to in the future. So if I can’t get Linux Mint to work on this Ubook then I will have no use for it.
Thus my need to see if a “live” version will work properly with the drivers that come with the Ubook.

Andrea, I finally was able to access the BIOS and changed the boot priority to allow Ubook to boot from my Linux Mint USB stick. But I encountered the same problem you experienced. The Mint logo came up with five progress dots beneath it. Then after a short time the Ubook shut down, or I was prompted to remove the installation medium at which point the Ubook shut down.
So very frustrating.