Linux on the Ubook X?


I am thinking about getting a Ubook X with the intention of running Linux on it.

Has anybody tried that and can give some advice on what works and where you might run into problems?

Many thanks!


basically Linux runs on the UBook X.
But it depends on the distribution. Some do not recognize the touch, others have problems with WiFi and / or Bluetooth. Anything goes with others. If everything does not work with your distribution of choice, you have to integrate the drivers manually. It’s a lot of tinkering.

What I found annoying is the screen resolution. The Ubook X uses a 2K resolution. Linux can do it, but then everything is very small. You can also scale the font and symbols under Linux, but that doesn’t work correctly at all corners. Always depends on the desktop environment and the programs.

Do not buy, tge after sales service is really poor

I haven’t had a bad experience. So far customer service has been good, not excellent but good.