Linux on the Ubook PRO 8100Y

I’m considering buying an Ubook pro for taking notes on my uni. I’m a Linux user and i need to run it and have the stylus and touch working, it is a must.
Anyone has any experience with that?
I would be nice have official linux support.
If other laptop has great support i will buy it.


Currently there is no official support for it.

I think Lenovo have official support for Ubuntu on their latest line up.

For Ubook Pro you might have to add touchscreen drivers by yourself which is not much of work but it is not guaranteed that it will work.
No idea about stylus if that will work or not.

Good luck.

Well i don’t want to buy anything without knowing that it will work, because it is a dealbreking feature.

Anyone tried that ?

I know it is not officially supported.

You won’t get a good support from unofficial support and if it is a dealbreaker for you then buy something which is officially supported.

No point of asking in the forum as I doubt that you will get any accurate answer, mostly will be trial and error answers.
This is just my advice rest is upto you.

Good Luck.