Linux Compatibility

Hello, are Chuwi laptops compatible with Linux ? Anyone using a linux distribution on a Chuwi Laptop ? Thank you !

Linux currently is DIY for Chuwi Products. If you know Linux then you can install it yourself but there is no official support from Chuwi for Linux.
Hopefully they might have it if enough Users request them to build a Linux Machine.
And I am the first one to be in Line :stuck_out_tongue:

I am always available on the forum if any user need any support with Linux which I am comfortable with, Like Manjaro Linux or Arch Linux Also good knowledge with Grub, bootloaders and 32/64bit bootloader.
If you already have a Chuwi device then you can try running Live Linux OS through a USB Stick and see how well it works.

Also… Welcome to the forum.


Thank you @spikerguy for your fast answer and your welcome, I am used with Debian OS… and I don’t have yet a Chuwi device so I was curious about hardware and linux compatibility. I am used not having official support, but an important community is still important if they use exotic hardware

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Welcome @fluieras
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