Anyone using Chuwi computers the SAME way as from Big brands?

I am a HongKongese from China, Hongkong is part of China, previously a British colony.

Honestly, some of us dont have trust in China, in CCP, or mainland chinese people.

People around me buy not only big brands, but big brands from OUTSIDE china.
They dislike Lenovo, but accept HP, Dell, or taiwanese Asus etc.

I bought a chuwi hi10x originally for OFFLINE use so I dont care about the trust to chuwi.
But now I want to use it for ONLINE activity.

It seems many people here who lives OUTSIDE HK, use chuwi even for online use.

MAY I ask do you ever have any problem with this?

because I am planning to plug hi10x into my internet connect PCs,
I afraid it crawl thru my NAS and send files back to the big brother.

You guys outside china may not be worried as CCP may not touch you.
But I live in HK, part of China. May be they will talk to me that I should have faith in my country man…

thank you.

btw, I dislike people sharing drivers here. the drivers are unsigned. I will NEVER download those zip files, except it seems the one with "ädmin’ right.

if you want driver, you better use DISM to backup yourself.


ps: we dislike the Brits who sold us to China, nor the US gov’t who do prism on everyone.

I am a Barbadian still living in Barbados and I use my iMac and CHUWI Ubook X for everyday use but mostly my Ubook for drawing and school use, and my iMac for heavy graphics and web design work. However, I use my Ubook X mostly since I hate to be tied to my desk now I’m on semester break.

The files I posted for the Ubook X were sent to me directly from CHUWI and was uploaded to my mega account as received and untouched for others to access.

I’ve had quite a few Chuwi’s that I’ve never had issues with going online with (US however). I do, however, not keep the stock OS, as I run Linux on everything I own, Lenovo, Dell, HP, Razer, Chuwi, it doesn’t matter.

Hi ! I use my chuwi on line without any problems. By the way ive upgraded windows to 11 and everything works including micor. No use of any drivers for that, microsoft provide anything i think.

now i wanna run linux on it too, as the americans are going to infiltrate us the chinese, I have to prepare for it.

I used to use ubuntu, any comment you have for me on installing ubuntu 20.04 LTS on hi10x? thanks
I know the portrait/landscape sensor may not work and need a script, that’s ok for me.


btw I will play with anbox and install google play store. the only problem is anbox seems not support touch/stylus inpurt, only understand mouse input.

u upgrade from chuwi win10 or install an .ISO with nothing in the ssd?

it will be nice that I can install .ISO from microsoft and no need any file from chuwi.


I know I’ve seen posts from people running Linux ont he Hi10x, so I’ll say it’s definitely possible, however I don’t have one (or want one) so I have no first hand experience with that particular device.

Given it’s specs, it SHOULD be compatible with just about any modern supported Linux distro (so, not Slackware 14.2), but again, no FIRST HAND experience to confirm. 20.04 DEFINITELY SHOULD support it, at least mostly. I know it works on other laptops just fine with comparable specs, but I don’t know for sure about the touchscreen or stylus if they’re supported or not. And yes, the accelerometer almost definitely will not work out of the box, although I have read that some people HAVE gotten them to work in some tablets (I generally prefer clamshell laptops which don’t have them, so haven’t ever tried).

I’ve upgraded from chuwi win 10 using win update and nothing else it works as a charm …