Hi10x/r intel worked for me, will you buy the ubook x pro 2023?

As both of my hi10x/r are intel chipset, nothing bad happened to me.

As I told before, i accidentally found that all chuwi provided drivers are sign-ed, so you only
need to use authenic MS .iso to install windows, then with the DISM backup-ed drivers, you are good to go.

As in China’s hongkong, we got a trust-able semi-official agent who help to send tablet (I used this service with another brand’s) back to China to repair (not replace) and send me back the exact tablet 1 month later.

If you are going to buy a new one, will you consider chuwi’s again?

I probably will, even both hi10x/r are still running very very well.

this new one is 13",

the only downside is that it’s not 10 inch.