UBook XPro Windows 11?

UBook XPro is coming. Looks very nice. Good specs.
Wiil this UBook XPro come with Windows 11? Or is it surely ready for Windows 11?


Ubook X Pro was announced as using i7-7Y75 Processor. This is a 7gen processor from Intel which is not compatible with Windows 11, at least not by official ways.

Windows processor requirements Windows 11 supported Intel processors | Microsoft Docs

For Intel Core Processor, only 8gen and up are compatible.

Tks for ur reply. It’s a pity. My Chuwi UBook Pro N4100 is older, but runs like a charm on Windows 11. Guess we have to wait…

Hello. I agree with you. But it seems that all falls down to the TPM 2.0 limitation. I would say maybe wait for a updated version of Ubook X Pro with a compatible processor with Windows 11.

I just saw that CHUWI advertises the UBook XPro with Windows 11.

Indeed HectorR.
It seems CHUWI did some change somehow to allow i7 processor to run Windows 11 then.

Here is an interesting post about compatibility of that processor with Win 11. I paste it here:
“My Dell XPS 13 Device name with Processor Intel(R) Core ™ i7-7Y75 CPU @ 1.30GHz 1.60 GHz wasn’t suitable for upgrade from Win 10. I had the message with the red cross on my update page with a message saying it wasn’t compatible. Two days ago, without prompting, Win 11 update appears on my device and is working fine. Anyone else?”

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Hello, CHUWI UBook XPro 13 inch 2K IPS Display | Intel Core-i7 | Windows 11 | Intel HD Graphics 615 GPU | Where can I find windows 11 drivers for 8GB RAM + 256GB SSD tablet or when will it be published on chuwi support site. I expect support from Chuwi. Good work.

Come with Win 11 and works perfectly, but I am going to downgrade to W10 due to specific needs.

Hi. I hope that someone could help. I recently bought ubook xpro (windows 11) with h7 pen. My problem is that I have to really press hard pen tip on screen in order to write but again result is disappointing. I would appreciate any suggestion/advice.