UBook XPro Windows 11?

UBook XPro is coming. Looks very nice. Good specs.
Wiil this UBook XPro come with Windows 11? Or is it surely ready for Windows 11?


Ubook X Pro was announced as using i7-7Y75 Processor. This is a 7gen processor from Intel which is not compatible with Windows 11, at least not by official ways.

Windows processor requirements Windows 11 supported Intel processors | Microsoft Docs

For Intel Core Processor, only 8gen and up are compatible.

Tks for ur reply. It’s a pity. My Chuwi UBook Pro N4100 is older, but runs like a charm on Windows 11. Guess we have to wait…

Hello. I agree with you. But it seems that all falls down to the TPM 2.0 limitation. I would say maybe wait for a updated version of Ubook X Pro with a compatible processor with Windows 11.