Windows 11 capability

Will the chui ubook pro work with windows 11?

I can’t say 100%, but I can say the processor is a supported generation, it SHOULD have the ability to do vTPM built into it, so if Chuwi haven’t disabled that in their BIOS, then it should be supported.

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The Microsoft tool that checks compatibility said my Ubook Pro was a-ok before they took it down, and now you can check with something like WhyNotWin11. My Ubook Pro gets green checkmarks throughout, so unless something changes it should be good to go :slight_smile:

(My wife’s Hi10X as well!)

The UBook pro does run Windows 11, I have had it on mine for two weeks. It runs well and up to now no known issues. I am using W11 in their latest Beta version as I have been on their insider program for a few years. I will say this…. When and if you decide to change over it will take a few hours to download and install this is due to the amount of data needed and the fact that the capability in the device is limited to being able to do it but not as fast as a £1000+ device with this in mind I had to use my cooling pad all the time to stop overheating. There is a TPM built in to the UBook pro tablet and it allows you to have W11. The fully release version will be available in October but the system will be crowded with millions trying to get it on the release day which is why I decided to get the Beta version now. The decision must be yours alone.

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Hi, my UBook Pro is running well on Windows 11. I installed the official update from Windows 10. Took less then 1 hour.
Although everything works properly, 2 devices don’t seem to have proper drivers:
PCI controler and an unknown device.
Anybody solved the problems?

Hi, I need Windows 10 or 11 drivers for my UBook Pro. Anybody knows where I can get them, pse?