UBook XPro not Windows 11 Compatible

I purchased a Chuwi Ubook XPro last year, and it was advertised as being Windows 11 compatible. It came with Windows 11 pre-installed and has worked ok so far, receiving regular updates from MIcroft Update.

However, Windows 11 22-H2 is now available, and my UBook does not have the update available in Windows update so I have tried to install it manually, but when I run the MIcrosoft PC health check it says that the processor in my UBook is not Windows 11 compatible becasue the CPU (i7-7Y75) is not supported by Windows 11.

How can this be? Either Microsoft have changed the requirements for Windows 11 22-H2, which does not appear to be the case, or else Chuwi have mis-represented the Tablet as being Windows 11 compatible when it is not, and have pre-installed Windows 11 using a workaround for incompatible hardware.

I bought a Windows 11 device in good faith, but it appears Chuwi have supplied me one which is not Windows 11 compatible. If this is the case, I would like Chuwi to replace my tablet, at no charge, with a version which is truly Windows 11 compatible as advertised. I see that the 2023 version has an updated processor which is Windows 11 supported. My current Tablet is still under warranty, so this should be covered.