Can we download Windows 11 on Corebook X?

As we all know, windows 11 is just released with very cool features that urges me to download as soon as possible. So is it okay to download it on Chuwi or are there any drivers problem?

If @Management could assure it, or anyone tried it?

Download and install the Microsoft Windows 11 Health Check App. and check it yourself. This will tell you if it is hardware ready. Drives well I can’t help you there, you will have to try it out yourself.

For me, I’ll try it out for my UBook X in a few months, when windows 11 comes out.

Done this and found out that Corebook X 2020 model won’t support windows 11 because it has 7th Gen Intel processor which doesn’t have TPM 2.0 …
If Chuwi knew this why did it release such an old laptop then months later it released the 8th Gen … that’s a huge disappointment !!!

I just received a new Chuwi CoreBook X with 8th generation processor, and it is confirmed that it will support Windows 11. However, I must wait for Microsoft to offer it to me. To test Windows 11 before its release, you may try signing up for the Microsoft Windows Insider Program.

Corebook X 2021 model will support windows 11 because it has 8th generation processor, unlike corebook X 2020 model which has 7th generation

Yes! I have updated to insder versión and woks perfect! 100% Compatible 2021 model…