UBook X and Windows 11

I tried out most current version of windows 11 on my UBook X.

I find that the OS is laggy on my Ubook X.

Noticable items are,
Testing on UBook X original Hardware no changes.

  • Opening Settings, windows takes time to display the information, very laggy.
  • First time, clicking on the Start button, opens up the Start and Search windows, then settles down to just showing the start window.
  • Right click menu laggy, seeing delay in text to appear.
    -Touch input from finger or pen to run a program needs many tries to start it (laggy).
  • Driver support is very good, only intel tuning processer and the mesmic accelerometer MXC6655
    needed from your backed up drivers.

There is a hardware error in the event logs,
EVENT 13, ACPI, " The embedded controller (EC) not responding within a specified time".
Which can only be fixed with a BIOS upgrade. You don’t get this error in windows 10.

At this time I have gone back to Windows 10, just couldn’t handle the lag anymore. Next time I will
try windows 11 when its finished and UBook X gets a BIOS update.

I have contacted chuwi service to see if there is an updated bios, still waiting on that.

Anyone who is using windows 11 on UBook X, let us know what problems you are having.



Hi. Any update regarding the compatibility of ubook x with windows 11? Chuwi told me Uboox X will not be compatible with windows 11 but I don’t understand why not!

I have stopped using windows 11, when I posted this. The OS is too sluggish.

Why would Chuwi state it will not be compatible, when even Microsoft’s own check-tool says it is? The CPU is listed as supported, it has UEFI, Secure Boot and TPM2-support and the hardware more than covers the minimum requirement. I mean…

Don’t assume that based on just Insider-versions. There are a whole lot of logging and debugging software running in the background that won’t be there (or at least much less) in the definitive version. You don’t notice this difference on more powerful systems, but limited CPU’s (like Intel Atom) get hit pretty hard by this constant logging.

I saw exactly the same thing with my Asus T100 in 2015. The Windows 10 test-versions were very laggy, making me doubt to ever upgrade from Windows 8.1 (which basically ran smooth at the time). But once the finished version came around, the difference with the Insider-versions was night and day, and I haven’t been back in Windows 8-land ever since :wink:

I’m suspecting it will be pretty much the same story for Windows 11. At least that’s what I hope, because the upgrade would be worth it just for the better touch interface.

Anyone knows how to get at least 60Hz screen refresh?

Only 50Hz out of the box
and i’m unable to get screen driver to change it or other workaround to raise that poor frecuency

I just check mine, it’s at 60 Hz.

Using Win 11 22000.194 since one month with any lag, I manually debloated and it works fine, it need a bit of first boot tweaks for a slow device like UBook X

I have to agree with you on it being a weak CPU/GPU.

Even in Windows 10, I had to switch off most of the eye candy, and it still does not feel right.

But I did learn about these devices and what I would need for my next one.


I’ve some trouble with microphone after update. I see an “Intel Smart Sound” mic but applications are not able to use it.
Tried to Uninstall it but no solution. Any hint?

I agree. I had completely removed Insider builds from my Lenovo laptop until the final version was released to the public. It was a horrible experience.

Is there anyone who successfully upgraded their Ubook X to Windows 11 and got everything to work as under Windows 10?

I might have to do this. My battery life has been crap lately, its not a Windows 10 issue, more so a Surface Laptop 3 battery issue

I’m getting better battery life and performance on my laptop with Windows 11. Windows 10 was not too bad but apps open much faster now.

Still I not tested both UBook and Windows. But I think no one can Windows operating system

My battery life has been crap lately, its not a Windows 10 issue..

I have Windows 11 running on my Ubook X. No problems at all.

Hiya @AbsoluteZero,

Is it worth the upgrade? Any improvements in performance?

For the microphone problem, I followed these instructions. Now my microphone is working.

How to Fix Microphone on Windows 11

yes Its not a Windows issue. Just follow this Windows 11 settings and you are good to go.