Can I buy a Hi10 X in 2023?

I recently bought a Chuwi Hi10 X. It came with Windows 11 pre-installed, has the N4120 CPU and 8GB RAM upgrade. I have it since May 2023, and I love it.

I love it so much, I have convinced not one but two friends to buy one… but we are finding the Hi10 X scarce… that is, hard to find a good seller nearby.

Is the Hi10x discontinued?
Is there another upgraded version coming?
Should I tell my friends to wait, or tell them they missed out?

Any help at all, much appreciated, thanks.

Note: This post is a legitimate question regarding a product I have bought from Chuwi. I have been respectful, appropriate and I am not spamming. It is simply my question.

you are not fans of chuwi,
as you never heard of chuwi hi 10 go.

I have, but I prefer the Hi10 X and its keyboard set up with no need for a stand at the back of it, where as the Hi10 Go does use a stand.

We all have our preferences.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Note: This post is respectful, appropriate and not spam. It is simply my reply in a conversation.

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I’m with Trips on this one. The specs are worryingly similar considering the number of years between one device and the other (including on benchmark websites testing each CPU, if I remember correctly). The X looks like a professional laptop and has two USB-A ports (as well as two USB-C), but the Go looks like a kid’s mini device from an unknown eBay shop and has only USB-C.

EDIT: After being accused of content violations, I’m reposting this message with no alterations (except this final disclaimer) to show how ridiculous it is to have reported it for foul or abusive language. What exactly did I say?

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  1. he/she asking for a new model (for 10inch series, not 12/13 like ubook series), then it is hi10go no doubt

  2. hi10x/r is 600 g, with a 600g keybaord that have you 2 mother USA-A port. hi10go is around 600g too but the keyboard is much lighter, with surface alike magnetic connector.

  3. the only thing sucks for hi10go is
    a. 5 row of keys, no standalone F3 key, that hurts if you use it for zoom in some software
    b. use ess386, no sound in linux, no sound in fydeos. no touch in fydeos too

Neo, you get it. You get where I’m coming from.

The Hi10 Go may be newer, but it is not a “step up” from the Hi10 X with so many issues that are steps back not forward.

A quick few points where the Hi10 Go is a step backwards from the Hi10 X include…

  1. Way fewer ports.
  2. The Hi20 Go has a clearly inferior keyboard set up with the requirement of a kickstand which the Hi10 X does not need.
  3. Hi10 Go CPU has dual core and dual threads while the Hi10 X has quad core and threads.
  4. Plus there’s only 6GB RAM in the Hi10 Go, compared to the 8GB RAM on the latest Hi10 X.

If you find a reliable site serving Ireland and the UK for the Hi10 X Neo, please do post on here. I’ll do the same :slight_smile:

ooft, looks like you JUST missed your chance. I got mine from the official EU store less than two months ago, but it’s not there now. Sorry!

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Thanks Neo for letting me know.

I’ll keep an eye out!


hk expo

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