New hi10x (n4100, intel sound) at usd 167. 1yr local warranty

an expo in china s hongkong.

In China s HongKong, we got an expo now. Chuwi Hi10X (intel soundchip) only cause 167USD. +30USD for wacom alike active stylus. Only thing NOT supported in fydeos17: tf slot, rotate. 1yr local warranty. what more do you want?

extra: 1. a 2USD covertor make it PD compatible 2. the win10 drivers are signed, clean install with ms .iso is safe. 3. i made 8xGB for win10+bitlocker+secureboot, 3xGB for fydeos(cant linux vm). i love this chuwi, i love win10 and fydeos.

(but fydeos could do better)

you know, a iOS magic keyboard cause hk1999 = 250usd… just the keyboard.