How does the warranty with Chuwi work?

I have one of the models affected by the bad firmware update (no audio, 3/6gb of ram), and after a week of waiting for a solution the tablet is completely unresponsive after I turned it off a couple of days ago with 86% charge. I just won’t turn on again, and there’s no light while connected to its power supply.

I bought in new in March without the keyboard, and it was working fine until the whole firmware thing. I tried many things I read in this forum, but none of the button combinations worked.

My question is, do I have a chance of getting a replacement, or at least repaired? I’ll email them anyway, but I wanted to ask around and see if anyone who’s ever had to deal with the 1-year warranty had any luck getting their tablets replaced or repaired.

I am from China’s hong kong, in HK there is a sole agent, however not very official as it also sells like Telcast or other brands.

Previously, for another brand’s tablet, i disabled the USB in BIOS and then it became useless (yes, sometimes some people act as idiot), and that agent send the tablet back to China and return to me, using 1 month. It’s the exact same tablet, not a replacement. I am glad on this because it means there are some technical guys working for them. you know, in lenovo in HK, they don’t repair anymore, they only replace.

i guess for chuwi, this agent will do the same.

btw, it’s strange that China allow you to buy eletronics and send outside, but if you send TO china, the import tax is thousands. so, the agent above likely move it by human with luggage back to China and send to the factory there. China is a weird place… even for chinese…

but however,
as the youtuber i mentioned before,
some people from overseas send him computers to repair, and he record onto youtube.

however, mostly those very fxxking expensive ones like ROG xxxxx.
may be the repair worth the tax for those.

Contacting the seller is the most efficient way.