DISM driver restore method demo all drivers are signed, means I could trust Chuwi. Great


previously I really have doubt on Chuwi/other chinese brands.

Last month I tried the dism driver backup and restore method, it worked on hi10xr.
no problem was found during the restore, while i freshly install the new 22H2 win10.

Last week I repeat the same on China’s jumper’s mini 4s.
Fxxx! there is ONE single driver that is NOT signed, and windows warns me.

mini 4s is bought in 2017 alike, so may be that time drivers are not well prepared. I accept it and now the mini 4s will be given to kids for play games with warning of unsigned drivers. (during my use I don’t trust it and never connect it to internet, smart)

back to the chuwi hi10xr,
seems i can trust it: win10 22H2 from ms website, + signed drivers.

the cost/performance value is really good, compare to duet 3i from lenovo, which is a double. btw duet 3i seems is N trig stylus, sometimes no response. hi10xr’s ms protocol H6 seems even better.

Hope chuwi could continue to perform well.
and if possible, could co-operate /w fydeOS, producing cheap DUAL BOOT x86 chromblets which are expensive if made by google.