Hi10X good backup solution

This is my quick update about successful backup of CHUWI original Windows partition and whole disk. Best to create such backup right at start to have fresh windows to restore when something goes wrong with windows.
I used clonezilla. Booted Chuwi from clonezilla usb stick.
I used beginner mode and used “Disk to Image mode” option for backup create. (stored the backup image on external ssd disk in ssd mobile case). Used OTG usb to USB-C adapter for USB stick with clonezilla.
To restore image back to disk I used beginner mode and used option to use partition table from backu image.
Everything worked fine, Chuwi was restored successfully to factory fresh state after disk restore from image operation was complete.

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disagree, using clonezilla you back up driver and a very old win10 version… 1803?

the best way, is use DISM to backup just the drivers (yes you could
clonezilla one for further safety), and then wipe the drive.

install the lastest win10, and restore the dism drivers.

btw, while installing those dism drivers,
if there is any “unsigned” drivers, windows will yell.
i tell you now that all drivers from my hi10x/r are signed.

such that this cheap 200usd windows tablet is as safe as a lenovo’s. (mostly)

keeping the dism drivers are just 1-2GB.

who wants the 1803 version of win10?

did i tell you that after removal of bloatwares,
my hi10x run much faster?

Clonezilla is very fast in restoring original system (I have win11 on my CHUWI). It also restores all additional software that was installed when backup was created. Using clonezilla is also the quickest way to restore the system and apps in my opinion.
I made this post just to make people aware that clonezilla can be used on Chuwi. I am not saying that this is the easiest solution (using clonezill requires some knowledge in system boot procedures, and clonezilla usb boot stick has to be created).

how did you remove bloatware?

install .iso of windows from ms directly,
then restore drivers backuped by dism.

how do you make drivers copy with dism? Can you post some example how to so it?

others cant give you everything, you have to do something for yourself.

for this moment, you could use google.

Make a backup copy of the drivers:

  1. Create a directory such as D:\DriverBackup. Expected space needed is ~ 1.5 GB. If it is then packed with RAR ~ 750 MB.

  2. Run as administrator (right mouse button on Start icon):

for win 8…10, PowerShell:

Export-WindowsDriver -Online -Destination D:\DriverBackup

for Win 11, Terminal,
as administrator:

DISM /online /export-driver /destination: “D:\DriverBackup”

At first you may not see anything, process will be going on, wait till it is done - you will be prompted to enter new command - close.

Depending on CPU and HDD it will take 1…4+ min.

  1. Further you can use copy you made: go to Device Manager, right click on device you want to install driver for and choose Update Drivers/Recover drivers from this computer and specify path to folder with saved copy.
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Thank you for this advice! I will try it as soon as I will have some spare time. That is a good solution for other laptop specific windows installations for any other computers as well.
There is not much we average people can do when it comes to politics… Once more thank you for this info. Kind regards!

no, giving out freely is not my style.

re-install is not done that way.

clicking for 38 device?

too stupid to do that, not for normal IQ man.

a single command line will do.

you can google.

you cant access google?

You can only take for free? I’m sorry, you’re hopeless.

And about 38 devices:
most of them will be finded auto, 5-7 only by your hands. I do this 5 days ago, when make upgrade to Win11.

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For a first backup of Windows drivers in a new machine I regularly use the freeware Double Driver. But I always restore them by hand and have never used the automatic one click restore.

how do you make drivers copy with dism?

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