The dism driver backup methods works for Hi10XR, verified


one thing that sucks from buying chuwi is that the drivers are NOT openly downloadable on chuwi’s website, unlike lenovo etc.

i got both a hi10x and a hi10xr.
experienced with chromeos flex and fydeos before.
now determined to dual boot them.
but i still want to keep the windows driver as windows is the
only platform that i WORK on.

i tried using clonezilla, yes it worked but the image is about 40GB large,
and i made a double copy so it’s 80GB.

yet just tried myself, the method worked,

the drivers for each of them is different, yet only around 2GB.

so i’ll like to report here.

and I DISLIKE people distributing unsigned files, which i guess some are hackers spread their virus.

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