THREE variants of hi10x/r exist, so we should have 3 sets of DISM backup drivers

As in discussion with others on the thread on ChromeOS flex or fydeos.
there are:
hi10x, n4100, intel/realtek soundcard
hi10x, n4120, ESS386 soundcard
hi10xr, n4120, intel/realtek soundcard

I have 1st and 3rd. I used DISM to backup the driver,
and while restore, i found all drivers are signed.
so that if use /w authenic win10 ISO from microsoft, the tablet is trust-able, so far.

so i think in this forum, we better have links to those 3 sets of drivers.
ps: afair, i have uploaded them somewhere. could share for 1st and 3rd later if have time or with webspace.

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BIOS? i dont know how end users will use it.