Let's see is the hi10x intel chipset variant affected by the aforementioned update?

this one is my 2nd hi10x/r

it’s hi10xr /w N4120, intel sound card.

it shocked me!
when I try to turn it on, it didn’t!

the LED keep showing red only, when i press the button.

i tried many times but it still not booting up.

but when i come back from toilet, it’s already in the windows.

currently it’s working but i do worry some firmware level was updated.

but so far, 6GB ram, intel sound card ok.

i’ll say it’s the US sanction that blocked chuwi from using intel soundcard, forcing chuwi to use ESS386 sound chip.

The west are simply raising stones and hitting their own boots. no winner.

I remember quite clearly that the G8320 firmware update was an optional update. Does it shows to you?

When I performed the update, I also remember that the system didn’t turn on automatically and there was the LED showing red only. I long pressed the power button, the tablet shutdown and then, after another press on the power button, it booted into Windows. There, sound icon showed a red mark as something wasn’t installed, as I discovered in Device Manager. And then the RAM…

How many variants of this tablet are out there? I recently saw a variant with 8GB of RAM and N4120 chipset…

fake info, no 8GB ram variant

i tried my hardest to dig out G8320 (which i want to remove from the update list) but unfortuantely, or fortunately, i didn’t found it.

I’m waiting for the 8gb variant by mail, but I honestly don’t want to go through this again, so I’m just going to look for a way to disable driver updates for now.

air gap it, as what a spy will do.

i dont think the 8GB variant is authenic,
i think it’s someone DIY by swapping the ram chip, which is possible.

It’s possible, but I bought from Chuwi on eBay, so who knows. I’ll check bios when I get it to check if it’s actually seeing 8gb of ram.

  1. i dont think chuwi have official store on ebay, ebay is obsolete
  2. if someone sold you the 8GB variant, even it’s by DIY, in the bios of course it will show 8GB ram, otherwise return it.

hey today my hi10xr, n4120 intel sound chip was forced to update (or i didn’t skip the update).

no problem, still 6GB ram.

i think only the ESS386 sound chip version will got the update problem (if that was real).

thanks god both my chuwi tablets are
hi10x /w n4100 + intel
and hi10xr /w n4120 + intel